Aagide Aagide Lyrics Translation – 99 (Kannada Movie)

Aagide Aagide Lyrics from 99 Kannada film are sung by Keerthan Holla, Manasa Holla. Read the English translation of promising track’s lyrics that lyricist Kaviraj has summed-up. Arjun Janya is the director of music. Anand Audio has released the music video. Below, learn the meaning of Aagide Aagide Kannada Song’s lyrics in English.

aagide aagide song lyrics 99 movie English

Song Name: Aagide Aagide (Kannada)
Album/Movie: 99 (2019)
Singer(s): Keerthan Holla, Manasa Holla
Lyrics Writer(s): Kaviraj
Music Director(s): Arjun Janya
Music Video Director: Preetham Gubbi
Music Video Features: Ganesh, Bhavana


Yentha Paapi Neenu, Yeshtu Kaadhey Naanu,
Ommey Nodi Ninna, Mathe Jeevantha Naa,
Badhuki Biduve Naan Eega Innu,

You are a sinner. I waited for so long.
I became alive again by seeing you.

Aagide Aagide Nanna Janumasaarthaka,
Ninna Ee Tholali, Nanna Loka Mohaka,

My life is fulfilled now.
In your arms, My world is magical now.

Jagadha kushiyella ondaagi bandanthe,
Nanna Kanmundhey Nee, Bandhu Ninthey,

You are in front of me like happiness of the whole world.
You stood in front of me.

Aagide Aagide Music Video

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