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“Aaina Lyrics Translation,” a soulful Hindi rap track by the talented Young Galib, is not just a song but a profound reflection on life, humility, and self-discovery. The lyrics of this song carry a powerful message that transcends music and delves into the human experience.

Aaina Lyrics Young Galib

Young Galib, the singer and lyricist, shares a deeply personal journey through his words. He reveals a period when he grappled with arrogance and self-pride. However, he acknowledges that it was a pivotal moment when he saw himself in the mirror, metaphorically speaking, and realized the destructiveness of his arrogance. This moment of self-awareness transformed him, reminding listeners of the importance of humility and self-reflection.

The song Aaina’s lyrics also narrate a touching conversation between Young Galib and his mother. She expresses concern about him staying awake late into the night, to which he responds with a profound truth about the world’s tendency to steal one’s happiness. This exchange with his mother catalyzes his spiritual awakening, prompting him to pray and seek solace in God’s grace.


Maa Puchi Tu Sota Ni Rat Mein Kyun,
Main Bola Maa Neend Ni Ati,
Main Bola Ki Duniya Se Lagta Hai Darr,
Ye Khusiyan Cheenna Chahti,
Main Bola Main Gunahgar, Mere Pe Khuda Ka Karz Hai Kafi,

My mother asked me why I didn’t sleep at night.
I replied that I couldn’t sleep because I was afraid of the world, which could take away my happiness.
I also mentioned that I feel like a sinner as I owe a lot to God.

Woh Boli Tu Dua Kar Rab Se,
Duniya Aur Din Me Farq Hai Kafi,
Tabhi Me Dua Karoon, Subah Me Jabhi Utha Karoon,
Mila Hai Jeene Ko Ek Din Aur Toh,

My mother then advised me to pray to God and stated that there is a significant difference between the world and the day.
I agreed to pray when I woke up in the morning and promised to do good to someone while I lived if I was given one more day to live.

Jeete Jee Kisika Bhala Karoon,
Hai Seekha Maine Jeene Ka Kuch Aisa Tarika,
Cheen Toh Sakta Mere Yeh Hath Se,
Cheene Ga Kaise Koi Mere Naseeb Ka,

I have learned a way to live, but I wondered how it could be taken away from me.

Ayina Woh Gaya Dikha Ke,
Mujhe Bata Ke Ki Hoon Main Kahan,
Ki Toota Yeh Ghamand Mera,
Ayina Woh Gaya Dikha Ke,
Mujhe Bata Ke Ki Hoon Main Kahan,
Ki Toota Yeh Ghamand Mera,

The mirror showed me where I stood and that my pride was broken.

Toda Jab Maa Ka Dil,
Toh Sath Me Toota Tha Ghamand Ye,
Woh Roke Bhi De Rhi Thi Dua Toh,
Akhen Meri Jhuki Yeh Saram Se,

When I shattered my mother’s heart, my pride was also crushed.
She even stopped me from praying. My eyes were cast down with shame.

Dukhaya Bap Ka Dil Toh, Jane Se Darta Hoon Kabar Mein,
Main Mafi Ke Layak Ni Khuda Mujhe Sabar De,
Nadani Me Kari Hai Galti Magar Galat Irada Nahi,
Jo Kiya Hai Mene Woh Tumse, Bhi Ho Aisa Me Chahta Nahi,

If I damage my father’s heart, I’m terrified to go to the grave.
I’m not worthy of forgiveness, so I asked God for patience.
Although I committed a mistake due to ignorance, I had good intentions.
I don’t want what I’ve done to you to happen to you.

Milega Sab Tujhe, Tu Khali Sabar Rakh,
Milta Ni Waqt Se Pehle, Aur Milta Auqat Se Zyada Nai,

Be patient and you’ll receive what you deserve.
Don’t expect too much too soon.

Gusse Me Sar Pakadta, Me Khud Hi Se Ladta Rehta,
Kaise Sambhalunga Ghar Akela Main,
Kaise Utarunga Maa Ka Karza,
Batein Yeh Ghumti Mere Zehen Mein,
Sath Diya Do Badi Behen Ne,
Zindagi Le Raha Tha Halke Me Kafi,
Zindagi Jee Raha Tha Bus Vehem Mein,

I used to hold my head in anger and kept fighting with myself.
I worried about how to manage the house alone and pay off my mother’s debt.
My two elder sisters supported me.
Life was challenging, and I was living in an illusion.

Muskile Thi Kafi Sari, Chalte Ja Reh Sil-Sile They,
Zeher Jaisi Zindagi Thi Par Utar Gayi Gale Se,
Raste Badal Rahe They, Itne Sal Jee Ke Bhi Alag Raha Tha Jaise,
Iss Safar Me Hum Naye They,

The problems kept going on, and life was like poison.
The paths were changing, and I felt like a stranger even after living for so many years.

Ayina Woh Gaya Dikha Ke,
Mujhe Bata Ke Ki Hoon Main Kahan,
Ki Toota Yeh Ghamand Mera,
Ayina Woh Gaya Dikha Ke,
Mujhe Bata Ke Ki Hoon Main Kahan,
Ki Toota Yeh Ghamand Mera,

The mirror showed me where I stood and that my pride was broken.
I realized that I should not be proud of myself, or I would fall, just like I did.
We always keep weapons around us.

Woh Ayina Ki Toda Yeh Ghamand Mera,
Apne Andar Guroor Mat Rakhna,
Ni Toh Gir Jaoge Jaise Me Gira Tha,

That reflection shattered my pride.
Don’t be proud of yourself, or you’ll tumble, just as I did.

What makes “Aaina” exceptional is its authenticity. Young Galib shares his vulnerability and growth with his audience, allowing them to connect with the song profoundly and emotionally. Pendo46’s music perfectly complements the lyrics, enhancing the song’s overall impact.

Aaina Hindi Music Video | Young Galib

Young Galib’s decision to stay modest in life, as he advises his audience to do, reflects the wisdom he has gained from his experiences. This song serves as a reminder that we all have our moments of self-discovery and transformation, and it’s essential to stay humble in life’s challenges.

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Aaina Song Details
Track Aaina
Backing Vocalist Young Galib
Lyricist Young Galib
Music Maker Pendo46

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