Aashiq Tera Lyrics {English Meaning} – Happy Bhag Jayegi | Sohail Sen | Altamash Faridi

“Aashiq Tera Lyrics Meaning,” a soul-stirring Hindi ballad from the movie Happy Bhag Jayegi, showcasing the vocal talents of Sohail Sen and Altamash Faridi, with lyrics penned by Mudassar Aziz. The song delves deeply into love and longing, gaining critical acclaim for its emotional resonance and capturing the essence of unrequited love. The collaboration between Sen’s vocals and Aziz’s lyrics explores themes of devotion, faith, and the inevitable trials of love.

Aashiq Tera Lyrics Meaning Happy Bhag Jayegi
Title Aashiq Tera
Movie/Album Happy Bhag Jayegi
Vocalist(s) Sohail Sen, Altamash Faridi
Lyricist(s) Mudassar Aziz
Music Producer(s) Sohail Sen, Praful Karlekar
Star Cast Diana Penty, Abhay Deol

The song “Aashiq Tera,” through its translated lyrics, vividly depicts emotional turmoil and unwavering commitment through its lyrics and traditional Bollywood orchestration with contemporary flair. Sohail Sen’s soulful rendition, complemented by Altamash Faridi’s vocals, creates a harmonious blend that underscores the song’s emotional depth.

Happy Bhag Jayegi Movie’s Aashiq Tera Lyrics {English Meaning}

O Meherban Ve, Karan Main Tera Sukriya Ve,
Oh compassionate one, I express my gratitude to you.
O Sahiba Ve, Mareez E Ishq Ho Gaya Ve,
Oh, my dear, I have become a love-sick patient.

Mainu Lagdi Na Koi Dava Ve,
No medicine can soothe me.
Mera Rabb Hi Hai Mera Gavah Ve,
My God is my witness.
Hun Tu Kar Mera Faisla Ve,
Oh, my beloved, decide my fate.
Jo Nal Tere Na Jiya, Toh Jeeke Ki Karan,
If I cannot live without you, then what is the purpose of living?

Tera Tera Tera Hua Han,
I am yours, yours, yours.
Aashiq Tera Tera Tera Hua Han,
Your lover, yours, yours.

Hosh Baton Ka Aksar Nahi Tha,
I often lost my senses.
Dil Humara Toh Shayar Nahi Tha,
My heart was not a poet.
Tune Likh Di Ye Taqdeer Warna,
You wrote this destiny.
Ishq Wala Muqaddar Nahi Tha,
I was not meant for love.

Teri Nazron Ke Karam,
Because of your gaze
Chhute Hain Deen O Dharam,
I have abandoned my faith and religion.
Kiye Ja Tu Kiye Ja,
Do whatever you want.
Abhi Kuch Aur Sitam,
Inflict some additional torment.

Nahi Sambhla Dil Mere Sambhale,
My heart cannot be controlled;
Ise Kar Dala Tere Hawale,
I’ve surrendered it to you.
Tu Mita De Ya Chahe Bacha Le,
Destroy me, or save me.
Ja Ishq Pe Mere Chala Le Apni Marziyan,
Follow your will, my love.

Tera Tera Tera Hua Han,
I am yours, yours, yours.
Aashiq Tera Tera Tera Hua Han,
Your lover, yours, yours.

Dil Ke Age Ye Afat Badi Hai,
This calamity is a great test for my heart.
Khwahishein Phir Bhi Zidd Pe Adi Hai,
Yet my desires remain stubbornly insistent.
Humse Mayoos Hoga Zamana,
I will disappoint the world.
Par Zamane Ki Kisko Padi Hai,
But who cares about the world?

Tu Chala Jayega Ghar, Sath Hai Ye Ghadi Bhar,
You will go home. I am with you for this moment.
Manzilein Meri Nahi, Hai Mera Bas Ye Safar,
My destinations do not belong to me. This journey is all I have.

Sarhadon Ko Na Hoga Ye Gawara,
The boundaries will not allow
Ki Mile Dil Se Dil Koi Awara,
Two wandering hearts to meet.
Main Parinda Hoon Tu Hai Sitara,
I am a bird, and you are a star.
Main Apna Asman Chunu Tu Apna Asman,
I choose my sky; you choose your sky.

Tera Tera Tera Hua Han,
I am yours, yours, yours.
Aashiq Tera Tera Tera Hua Han,
Your lover, yours, yours.

Aashiq Tera Music Video

The accompanying music video, directed by Mudassar Aziz, intertwines cinematic visuals with the song’s themes, enriching the viewer’s experience with visual storytelling that mirrors the emotional journey depicted in the lyrics. “Aashiq Tera” by Sohail Sen and Altamash Faridi is a testament to Bollywood’s ability to evoke profound emotions through music and storytelling. Its lyrical poignancy and musical richness make it stand out in contemporary Hindi film music, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its heartfelt love, sacrifice, and destiny narrative.

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