Akhil – Akh Lagdi

Akh Lagdi is most romantic song Valentine’s eve. Akhil is the vocalist and Bittu Cheema is writer of its lyrics. True Makers did the music video and Desi Routz have produced music. The meaning of this song’s line with translation int English is also you can read below.


Main nai kehnda todun taare
Tode nai jaane
Nakhre tere de mul vi taan
Modey nai jaane.

I don’t say that I would bring you stars from sky,
It isn’t possible to do so,
And Either I can’t pay back to your tantrums.

Ki kariye jad neend gawachi
Na labdi howe,

What to do when your lost sleep can’t be found.

Tere supne, tere supne,
Tere supne taan vekha
Ni je akh lagdi howe.

Your dreams, your dreams,
I would see only if I am able to sleep.

Hove je mehboob kise da
tere wangu sohna
Rab da shukar guzaar bande nu
Chahida fir hona,

If someone’s lover is too beautiful like you,
He must be thankful to God.

Baithi howe kol
Vekh ke rooh na rajjdi howe.

Seeing you while you’re sitting beside me, I never getting enough of it.

Tere supney, tere supney,
Tere supney taan vekhaan
Ni jey akh lagdi hovey.

Na main heer gawauni ae
Na ranjhe wangu rona
Tu mera sarmaya ae te
Main nai tainu khona,

I won’t lose my Heer and then cry like Ranjha,
You’re most precious for me and I won’t lose you.

Tera har ik bol mere layi
Thaan rabb di howe.

Every single word of you,
Would be like it’s from God’s place.

Tere supne, tere supne,
Tere supne taan vekha
Ni je akh lagdi howe.

Bittu Cheeme de naa’ likhde
Eh zulfan diyan shaawan
Tere kolon chauna aan main
Teriyan yaar wafavaan,

Get the moments of in love with you in Bittu Cheema’s name,
Dear, I just want your faith from you.

Mar jaiye par shama ishq di
Har-pal jagdi hove,

Even if we would die,
The light of love must be still glowing every moment.

Tere supnay, tere supnay,
Tere supnay taan vekhaan
Ni jay akh lagdi howay.

Dear, I would only dream about you,
If I am able to take a carefree nap,
(Cause I miss you a lot and it has made me uncomfortable.)

Singer: Akhil Album: Akh Lagdi Genre: Punjabi, Romantic, Love Music Composer: Desi Routz Lyrics: Bittu Cheema Label: S Records