Alone – The Prophec, Arjun

prophec alone song arjun lyricsAlone Lyrics from the impressive duo of The Prophec and Arjun is a Punjabi collaboration song. They both jot down the verses and composed the song together while Prophec produced the music and released it as well.



Girl, I don’t wanna be alone
I know you don’t wanna be alone,

I know you don’t
Girl I don’t wanna be alone
I know you don’t wanna
Wanna be alone.

Peeti ni daaru par mainu chad di na
Bas tuhi mera nasha
Hor tere koi wargi na, uh!

Main mar jawa
Je tu mere utte mardi na,

I wanna hold you close
Jad tu hath mera fad di na uh uh.

Bas tainu main chahwan
Hor kise nu sinne na lawaan,

Dil tera dhak-dhak karda
Taiyon tere kol kol awaan,

Bul tere kehnde na na
Par akhan kehndiyan kol aaja,

Tahiyon main tere kol aayaan
Te ajj naiyo hona tetho door
Laina poora pyar da saroor,

Dilon baby hoya majboor
Rehna nai main rehna tetho door.

Hona main hona ni alone -x4.

I can see in yours eyes
You don’t wanna be lonely
Baby there’s no deny
And I know what you told me.

It’s when you miscall
How you’re missing me badly
Like you need me as bad as I need you
You feel me, Tonight I ‘ma break it down,

I can be the man you can’t live without
I can be that fire you cant put off
Like a boomerang I ’ma come around.

In between twenty minutes
I’ ma see that you finish
Don’t be get it sentimental
Like I do it for you better
than the gentleman you are messing with
Better be believing it,

I can be the enemy that * for the hell of it.

Close your lips
There’s no need to speak
Cause your eyes tell the whole story, Nai.

Main ajj naiyo hona taitho door
Lena poora pyaar da sarur
Dilo baby hoyan majbur,

Rehana nai main rehana taitho door.

Girl, I don’t wanna be alone
I know you don’t wanna be alone.

Girl I don’t wanna be alone
I know you don’t ….
I know you don’t wanna
Wanna be alone,

Hona main hona ni … alone -x4.
(I know you don’t)

Girl you bring the vibe
Let’s forget about time,

Nasha vi peya bathera das
Let’s, light up the night.

Album / Song Title: Alone (Punjabi)
Artists: The Prophec, Arjun
Label: The Prophec Music