Ami Chini Go Chini Tomare Lyrics English Meaning | Charulata (1964)

Read Charulata’s ‘Ami Chini Go Chini Tomare Lyrics’ in English. We’ve shared the translation of the Bengali lyrics to help you understand its meaning. Kishore Kumar is the vocalist & Rabindranath Tagore has composed the lyrics for Ami Chini Go Chini Tomare Song.

ami chini go chini tomare lyrics meaning English

Song Name: Ami Chini Go Chini (Bengali)
Album/Movie: Charulata (1964)
Singer(s): Kishore Kumar
Lyrics Writer(s): Rabindranath Tagore
Music Director(s): Rabindranath Tagore
Music Video Features: Soumitra Chattopadhyay, Madhabi Mukhopadhyay, Sailen Mukhopadhyay


Ami Chini Go Chini Tomare Ogo Bideshini,
I know you. I do. O’ stranger from the distant lands!
Tumi Thako Sindhupare Ogo Bideshini,
Your home is across the seas. O’ stranger from the distant lands!

Tomaye Dekhechhi Sharodoprate Tomaye Dekhechhi Madhobi Rate,
I have seen you on autumn mornings. I have seen you on fragrant nights.
Tomaye Dekhechhi Hridi Majhare Ogo Bidesini,
I saw you in the mornings of autumn. I saw you on the fragrant nights.

Ami Akashe Patiya Kan Shunechhi Shunechhi Tomari Gan,
I’ve spread my hearing across the sky. I’ve even heard your songs. I’ve got.
Ami Tomare Snopechhi Pran Ogo Bidesini,
I have surrendered my life to you. To you. my stranger!

Bhubano Bhromiya Sheshe Ami Esechhi Nutano Deshe,
I’ve been all over the world. At last, I stepped on this new land.
Ami Otithi Tomari Dware Ogo Bidesini,
I’m your guest, I’m standing in front of your threshold.
Ogo Bideshini, Ogo Bideshini
Oh, Maiden, from across the seas.


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