Anbe Anbe Kollathey Lyrics Translation – Jeans (film)

Anbe Anbe Kollathey Song Lyrics by Hariharan & Anuradha Sriram with A. R. Rahman from Tamil film Jeans with English translation are available. Get to know the meaning of the track lyrics that Vairamuthu has drafted down.

jeans anbe anbe kollathey lyrics meaning in english

Song Name: Anbe Anbe Kollathey
Album/Movie: Jeans (1998)
Singer(s): Hariharan, Anuradha Sriram
Lyrics Writer(s): Vairamuthu
Music Director(s): A. R. Rahman


Anbe Anbe Kolladhe Kanne Kannai Killadhe
Penne Punnagaiyil Idhayathai Vedikadhe
Aiyo Unnasaivil Uyirai Kudikkadhe
Anbe Anbe Kolladhe Kanne Kannai Killadhe

Oh! Dear! Don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me with your eyes.
Oh! Love! Don’t entrap my heart with your smile.
Don’t snatch my soul by your movements.
Oh! Sweetheart! ! Don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me with your eyes.

Penne Unathu Mellidai Parthen Adada Brahman Kanjanadi
Sattre Nimirnden Thalai Suttri Ponen Aha Avane Vallaladi

Oh! Maiden! I thought Lord Brahma is stingy after seeing your waist.
When l looked at your upper half, l got flattered. Wow! He appears to be a generous Lord.

Minnalai Pidithu Thoorigai Samaithu
Ravivarman Ezhuthiya Vathanamadi

By converting lightning into painting reed.
Your face is Ravivarma’s painting.

Nooradi Palingai Aradi Akki Sirpigal Sethukkiya Uruvamadi
Ithuvarai Mannil Pirantha Pennil Neethan Neethan Azhagiyadi

By crafting 100ft crystals into 6 feet, sculptors have carved your form.
Till now, among the women who were born. You’re the most beautiful one!

Ithanai Azhagum Motham Sernthu
Ennai Vadhaippathu Kodumaiyadi
Anbe Anbe Kolladhe Kanne Kannai Killadhe

It’s not fair to torment me with such abundant beauty of yours.
Oh! Dear! ! Don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me with your eyes.

Koduthu Vaitha Poove Poove Aval Koonthal Manam Solvaya
Koduthu Vaitha Nadhiye Nadhiye Aval Kulitha Sugam Solvaya

Oh! Lucky flower! will you tell the fragrance of her hair?
Oh! Lucky river! Will you tell me about her wonderful bath?

Koduthu Vaitha Kalkoluse Kalalavai Solvaya
Koduthu Vaitha Maniye Marazhagai Solvaya

Oh! Lucky anklet! will you tell about the beauty of her leg?
Oh! Lucky pearl! Will you tell me about the beauty of her chest?

Azhagiya Nilavil Oxygen Nirappi Ange Unakkoru Veedu Seiven
Unnuyir Kaka Ennuyir Kondu Uyirukku Uyiral Unai Iduven

I’ll build a house for you by pumping oxygen on the moon.
I’ll sacrifice my life to protect you. I’ll consider you my life.

Megathai Pidithu Meththaigal Amaithu
Melliya Poo Unnai Thoonga Vaippen
Thookkathil Marbil Verkkindra Pothu
Natchathiram Kondu Nan Thudaippen

By gathering the clouds, I’ll make a cot for you to sleep on that.
If you sweat while sleeping… I’ll wipe it off with stars.

Pal Vanna Paravai Kulippatharkaga Panithuli Ellam Segaripen
Devathai Kulitha Thuligalai Alli Theertham Endre Nan Kudippen

I’ll gather due drops for this beauty to take a bath.
I’ll drink those drops by considering it as holy water.

Anbe Anbe Kolladhe Kanne Kannai Killadhe
Oh! Dear! ! Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me with your eyes.

Anbe Anbe Kollathey Music Video

Prashanth and Aishwarya Rai starring music video.

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