April Madhathil Lyrics Translation – Vaali (Tamil Movie)

April Madhathil is an intriguing track from ‘Vaali Tamil Movie’ of Ajith Kumar & Simran. Get lyrics & English translation for April Madhathil. Unni Krishnan & Harini has sung the April Madhathil Oru Rettai song. Vairamuthu is the songwriter for the verses of April Madhathil En Jannal track. Learn the meaning of its stanzas.


Song Name: April Madhathil
Album/Movie: Vaalee (1999)
Singer(s): Unni Krishnan, Harini
Lyrics Writer(s): Vairamuthu
Music Director(s): Deva
Director: S. J. Surya
Actor(s): Ajith Kumar, Simran


April Madhathil Or Artha Jamathil, En Jannal Orathil Nila Nila
Kangal Kasakki Nan Thulli Ezhundhen,
Adhu Kadhil Sonnadhu Hello Hello,
Nila Nila Kaivaruma Illai Illai Kai Suduma

In April month, in midnight & in the window corner there was a moon.
I crushed my eyes & got up! It told in my ears, as ”hello”.
Will the moon come to me or will it hurt my hands?

Idhayam Thirududhal Muraiya
Andha Kalavukku Thandanaigal Illaiya Illaiya
Muthathil Kasaiyadi Nooru
Andha Mugathil Vizhavendum Illaiya Illaiya

Is it correct to steal heart?
Is there no punishment for those to steal?
There are 100 of techniques in a kiss! It should fall on your face!

What’s the charge?
He’s stolen my heart he s stolen my little heart, your honour.
Is it yes your honour?
For the thief of heart, IPC says 1000 kisses in the honey lip to lips.

Nee Konda Kadhalai Nijam Endru Nan Kana
Tharkolai Seiya Sonnal Seivaya, Thappithu Nadu Thandi Selvaya
Idhaya Malai Yeri Nenju Endra Pallathil
Kudhithu Nan Saga Matena, Kumari Nee Solli Maruppena
Nila Nila Kai Varuma, Ilai Ilai Kai Suduma

Will you commit suicide if l ask you to do to see whether your love is true!
Will you escape & run out of the country?
Won’t l climb up in heart mountain & die by falling into the heart ditch?
Will l refuse after you the one who is a young girl ask?
Will the moon come to me or will it hurt my hands?

Meghathin Ulle Nanum Olindhal
Aiyo Eppadi Ennai Kandu Pidippai Pidippai
Meghathil Minnal Torch Adithu
Andha Vanathil Unnai Kandu Pidippen Pidippen
Hey Killadhe Ennai Kolladhe Un Parvaiyil Poothadhu Nana

If l hide in clouds how will you find me?
I’ll switch on the lightning torch in clouds & find you in that sky!
Don’t pinch me & don’t kill me! Am l that flower which was blossomed in your sight?

Sudu Kelvi Kettalum Panivarthai Solgindrai
En Nenju Masiyadhu Theriyadha
Kannadi Valaiyadhu Theriyadha

Even if l ask a hot question, you’re saying rain words coolly!
Don’t you understand that my heart won’t get admired?
Don’t you know that mirror won’t bend?

Kannadi Mun Nindru Un Nenjai Nee Kelu
Than Kadhal Adhu Sollum Theriyadha
Thazham Poo Maraithalum Manakadha

You ask your heart standing in front of the mirror!
Don’t you know that it will tell you about its love?
Won’t a flower smell even if we hide it?

April Madhathil Or Artha Jamathil
Un Jannal Orathil Nila Nila
Kangal Kasakki Nan Thulli Ezhundhen
Adhu Kadhil Sonnadhu Hello Hello

In April month, in midnight & in the window corner, there was a moon.
I wiped my eyes & got up! It told in my ears, as ”hello”.
The moon will come to me & it will give you pleasure.

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