Atif Aslam: Pehli Dafa Song Translation

Pehli Dafa Lyrics from Atif Aslam Feat. Ileana D’Cruz: The singing sensation Atif Aslam has released his brand new single track “Pehli Dafa” and you can read its full lyrics with line by line English translation here.


Dil kahe kahaaniyan pehli dafa
My heart is reciting stories for the first time
Armaano mein rawaniyan pehli dafa
There is a speed in my desires for the first time
Ho gaya begana main hosh se pehli dafa
I have lost my senses for the first time
Pyaar ko pehchana ehsaas hai yeh naya
I have recognized love, this is a new feeling.

Suna hai, suna suna
I have heard that
Yeh rasm-e-wafa hai
This is the custom of loyalty
Jo dil pe nasha hai
The intoxication that is over my heart,
Woh pehli dafa hai
It is for the first time.

Kabhi dard si, kabhi zard si
Sometimes like pain, sometimes pale
Zindagi benaam thi
My life was without any name
Kahin chaahatein huyi meherbaan
Some desires showered kindness
Haath badh ke thaamti
And came forward to hold my hand.

Ik woh nazar, ik woh nigaah
The one eye is present in my soul such that
Rooh mein shaamil is tarah
Ban gaya afsana ik baat se pehli dafa
For the first time a tale was created from a single incident
Paa liya hai thikana
Baahon ki hai panaah
I have found my shelter in your arms.

Suna hai, suna suna
Ye rasm-e-wafa hai
Jo dil pe nasha hai
Woh pehli dafa hai.

Lage bewajah alfaaz jo
The words which I thought were useless
Woh zarurat ho gaye
Have become a necessity
Taqdeer ke kuchh faisley
Jo ganimat ho gaye
It’s good that some decisions of fate were made
(Ganimat means ‘consoling factor’ or -redeeming factor’.)

Badla hua har pal hai
Every moment is changed
Rehti khumari har jagah
There is an inebriation over me everywhere
Pyaar tha anjaana
Love was a stranger
Hua saath mein pehli dafa
It is with me for the first time.

Yeh asar ab jaana
I have realised this effect bow
Kya rang hai yeh chadha
What is this color that is over me?

Suna hai, suna suna
Ye rashme wafa hai
Jo dil pe nasha hai
Woh pehli dafa hai.

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