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Translation of ‘Baby Won’t You Tell Me Telugu Lyrics’ from Prabhas movie ‘Saaho’, song sung by Shweta Mohan, Siddharth Mahadevan & Shankar Mahadevan while it has Telugu lyrics inked down by lyricist Krishna Kanth. Catch meaning for ‘Baby Won’t You Tell Me’ Telugu Song in English.

Baby Won't You Tell Me (Telugu Song) Lyrics Translation Saaho

Song Name: Baby Won’t You Tell Me (Telugu)
Movie Name: Saaho (Telugu)
Singer(s): Shankar Mahadevan, Shweta Mohan, Siddharth Mahadevan
Lyrics Writer(s): Krishna Kanth
Music Director(s): Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Video Director(s): Sujeeth
Star Cast: Prabhas, Shraddha Kapoor
Record Label: ℗ 2019 Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited


Kalisunte Neetho Ilaa,
Kalalaane Thochindhigaa,

Being together with you this way.
Is like a dream to me.

Thalavanche Aakashame,
Nilichundha Naakosame,

Is the sky with it’s head bent in respect,
waiting just for me?

Karigindha Aa Dhoorame,
Vadhilella Naa Nerame,

Has the distance faded away?
It was my mistake to leave you.

Namminka Nanne Ilaa,
Theerustha Nee Prathi Kalaa,

Trust me now…
I’ll make every dream of yours come true.

Baby won’t you tell me, oh tell me, oh tell me,
Baby won’t you tell me so (x4).

Neekantu Sariponani,
Anukunna Raavaddhani,
Atupaine Thelisindhile,
Nenunte Neevu Ani,

I thought I wouldn’t suit you…
and not to come to you.
Only then I came to know…
that I’m in your heart.

Vidadheese Sandhehame,
Vadhilesthe Santhoshame,
Kaalaale Kalipaayile, Kopale Kaalaayile,

The doubt that breaks us apart.
I’m happy if you let go of it.
The time has united us.
All the anger has vanished.

Baby won’t you tell me, oh tell me, oh tell me,
Baby won’t you tell me so (x4).

Inthintha Dhooraale Cheri,
Panthaalu Veedaali Manase,
Nijamemito Teliyadha, Adhe Kshanam,

Traveling distances, heart should leave it’s stubbornness.
We’d realize the truth that moment.

Niddharalo Lekunnaa Kala,
Nedocchi Nee Kallu Cherela,
Choopinchana, Aa Naati Guruthule,

In a way that the dream you’ve never seen in your sleep is before you.
I’ll show you the past moments, dear.

Neetho Lekunnaa, Neelo Unnaale,
Nuvvaape Kalalanni, Nene Kannale,

I’m present inside you even if not by your side.
I’ve witnessed all the dreams you’ve dreamt.

Nee Chethi Bomme,
Geethalni Dhaati Praanamochche,
Nee Kalla Mundhundhi, Choodava,

What you’ve painted has taken life form.
and is present before your eyes today.

Baby won’t you tell me, oh tell me, oh tell me,
Baby won’t you tell me so (x4).


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