BADNAM (The Bad Boy) Lyrics – Mankirt Aulakh

Badnam Lyrics from DJ Flow – It’s demo track of Mankirt Aulakh & DJ flow’s latest Punjabi song, with verses penned by Sangga.

Album Name: Badnam Ho Gaya (Punjabi)
Performers: Mankirt Aulakh
Songwriter: Sangga
Video Director: Sukh Sanghera
Music Director: DJ Flow
Label: Speed Records
Release Date: September 21, 2017


Manneya si jadon main
Pangoode wich peya si
Ronda vekh bapu ji ne
Hathan wich chake leya si

I agree, When I was just born,
Seeing me crying, My father carried me in his arms.

Jammeya nu dina ton mahine hunde gaye
Yaar honi thode je kamine hunde gaye,

When time passed, It became months from days
And I also learned to be nasty.

Pehli gaal chacha ji ne kaddni sikhayi
Pehli gaal chacha ji ne kaddni sikhayi
Gaalan kadd da si billa
Phir aam ho gaya,
Are you ready?

The very first abuse my uncle taught me
And after that Billa / me became quite often to abuse others.

Solwaan vi tappeya
Sataarwan vi tappeya
Attharwein ch munda badnam ho gaya
Atharwein ch munda badnam ho gaya.

The boy respectfully passed through the years of age sixteen and seventeen
But at the age of eighteen, he got so disreputable.

Ik haan di kudi de nal yaari pe gayi
Duji chori di bandook ohne mul le layi,

First, he fell in love with the girl of same age
Second, he bought an illegal gun.
Ikk haan di kudi de naal yaari pe gayi
Dooji chori di bandook ohne mull le layi,
Teeja daade aala asla lako ke paaleya
Chotha yaar de viah ch raati neat la gaya.
Thirdly, He secretly kept the artillery of his grandfather
And forth, He drank neat alcohol at friend’s marriage.
Hoye oye oye
Khoon DJ de floor utte khillre
Movie ban di si khada shar-e-aam ho gaya.
The blood was spread all over the DJ’s floor
It was being recorded, he still stood their openly.

16wa vi tappeya
17wa vi tappeya
18we ch munda badnaam ho gaya
18we ch munda badnaam ho gaya.

Ho ajjkal de jawak’an wich
Oh gal kithe
Eh taan coke diyan botlan de fan aa
DJ Flow di beat wajdi repeat
Chandigarh diyan gaddiyan ch ban aa.
The young men from this era, don’t have it in them
They are quite obsesses with soft drinks like coke
DJ Flow’s music beat is played on repeat
Which is banned in Chandigarh’s cars.
Haan, kokla shapaki wale yaar nai banaye
Kade rus gaye te yaaro kade mann gaye,

Thaane wich jaake bhawein rapatt likha dayi
Naale kutt gaye te naale shisha bhann gaye -x2.

I haven’t made fake friends who easily get angry on small things
Go ahead to police station and make a report
That, we beaten you up and broke the car windshields as well.
Ho pindon sarpanch vi matha ohnu teke ni
Thokan laga na Singga agga picha vekhe ni -x2.
Even my village’s sarpanch also gave up on me
Cause I/Singga never see who the person is, before shooting him.
Court te kacheri case pain lagge aa
Munda sau-sau din gharon bahar rehan laggeya
Bille di daleri, Malpur wich gerhi
Ohda bullet Safari vi nilam ho gaya.
Now, The cases are being prosecuted in courts
And I stay away from my home for even more than about hundred days
Miss the rides in Malpur,
Even I had to sell my bullet bike, and Safar car also.
Solwan vi tappeya
Satarwaan vi tappeya,
’thaarwein ch munda badnam ho gaya -x3.

BADNAM (The Bad Boy) Mankirt Aulakh Ft Parmish VermaThe Punjabi song “Badnam” is already a viral anthem itself and on the demands of fans, The artist Mankirt Aulakh has finally released the official music video directed by Sukh Sanghera. This promising song has ctachy lyrics which are very well written by Sangga named songwriter and the thumping music bass drops are amazingly sorted by DJ Flow.

Mankirat is looking in an entrely different look in the music video, Watch the video shared above and below you can read English translation, meaning of song’s lines / verses.