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Bewafa Tera Yun Muskurana featuring Himansh Kohli, Akanksha Puri is an alarming song, and it has symmetrical lyrics sung by Jubin Nautiyal. The famous lyrics of the number are documented by Rashmi Virag, Anwar. Meet Bros, Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi is the reviewer of BEWAFA TERA MUSKURANA’s amiable music. The acceptable music video of the entrancing record is piloted by Navjit Buttar. Learn the meaning of the beautiful stanzas from the English translation shared below.


Song Title: Bewafa Tera Muskurana
Performer(s): Jubin Nautiyal
Lyrics Writer(s): Rashmi Virag, Anwar
Composer(s): Meet Bros, Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi
Director: Navjit Buttar


Mujhse Takra Gaye Baad Muddat Ke Woh
She finally ran into me after a long time.
Mujhse Takra Gaye Baad Muddat Ke Woh
She bumped into me after a long time.
Aur Pehle Ke Jaisa Nasha Cha Gaya
And intoxicated me in the same way those days did.

Jisko Dafna Ke Rakha Tha Dil Mein Kahin
Phir Mere Samne Woh Sama Chaa Gaya
The fantasy that I had buried deep within my heart began to flash in front of my eyes.

Aankh Tirchi Huyi Lab Hile Is Tarah
Khud Bakhud Mere Honthon Pe Sher Aa Gaya
My gaze shifted to the side. My lips moved, and I said a poem on the spur of the moment.

Bewafa Tera Bewafa Tera
Oh, you unfaithful one! Oh, you deceitful one!
Bewafa Tera Yun Muskurana Jaise Kuch Bhi Hua Hi Nahi Hai
Oh, unfaithful one, you are smiling as if nothing has happened.

Bewafa Tera Yun Muskurana
Jaise Kuch Bhi Hua Hi Nahi Hai
Oh, deceitful one, you are laughing as though nothing has happened.
Zakham Tune Jo Mujhko Diye Hai
Dard Ab Tak Gaya Hi Nahi Hai
The wounds you have given me, they have started hurting me yet.

Teri Tasveer Maine Jala Di
Apni Taqdeer Khud Hi Mita Di
I set fire to your photograph. I was the one who altered my fate.
Tu Mujhe Jab Kabhi Yaad Aaya
Dil Ne Sau Sau Dafa Baddua Di
My heart cursed you hundreds of times every time I remembered you.

Khwab Se Bhi Tujhe Bedakhal Kar Diya
Even in my dreams, I disinherited you.
Chod Ke Main Tujhe Badi Door Aa Gaya
I’ve come a long way since I left you.

Bewafa Honge, Bewafa Honge Lakhon Hazaro
There could be many more unfaithful lovers. This world may contain hundreds of thousands of unfaithful lovers.
Koyi Kamzarf Tujhsa Nahi Hai
But I’m pretty sure there aren’t any as mean as you.

Dil Ko Ab Mere Hosh Aa Gaya Hai
Pehle Jaisa Sharabi Nahi Hai
My heart has gained consciousness. It is no longer an alcoholic as it once was.
Bewafa Tera Yun Muskurana
Jaise Kuch Bhi Hua Hi Nahi Hai
Oh, unfaithful one, you’re grinning as nothing happened.

Mohabbat Ke Taraju Mein, Wafa Kamzor Thi Teri
Your love has proven to be frail.
Andheron Se Tumhare, Bach Saki Na Raushni Meri
My light couldn’t stand up to your darkness.

Jise Mana Khuda Maine Usi Ne Dil Mera Toda
My heart was broken by the one I considered to be my God.
Mujhe Dhokha Diya Aisa Kahin Ka Bhi Nahi Choda
She duped me in such a way that I am completely devastated.

Phir Kabhi Na Kisi Se Lagaunga Dil
Yeh Sabak Mujhko Lutne Ke Baad Aa Gaya
I will never again lose my heart to anyone. After being heartbroken, I learned this lesson.

Bewafa Mera Haan Bewafa Mera
Oh, you unfaithful one! Oh, you deceitful one!
Bewafa Mera Kaatil Hai Tu Yeh
Tujhko Ab Tak Pata Hi Nahi Hai
Oh, you swindler! You’re still unaware that you’re the one who murdered me.

Yeh Bhi Sach Hai Ki Yeh Baat Maine
Tujhko Ab Tak Batayi Nahi Hai
It’s also true that I haven’t told you yet.
Bewafa Tera Yun Muskurana Jaise Kuch Bhi Hua Hi Nahi Hai
Oh, unfaithful one, you’re giggling as if nothing has happened.

Kabhi Kabhi Mohabbat Mein Aisa Hota Hai
Saansein Chalti Rehti Hai Par Waqt Tehra Sa Hota Hai
It does happen in love from time to time. The breaths continue, but time stands still.

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