Bhairava Anthem Lyrics (Telugu) English {Meaning}: Kalki 2898 AD | Diljit Dosanjh | Deepak Blue | Santhosh Narayanan

The “Bhairava Anthem Lyrics English Meaning” features Diljit Dosanjh, Deepak Blue, and Santhosh Narayanan and is from the movie Kalki 2898 AD, which also stars Prabhas and Diljit Dosanjh. The lyrics are by Ramajogayya Sastry and Kumaar. Santhosh Narayanan produced the song, and Nag Ashwin directed the movie. The music blends Telugu and Punjabi languages, highlighting its cross-cultural appeal and versatility. The anthem has garnered significant attention online, with reviews praising its powerful message and energetic composition.

Bhairava Anthem Lyrics English Meaning Kalki 2898 AD
Title Bhairava Anthem
Movie/Album Kalki 2898 Ad
Vocalist(s) Diljit Dosanjh, Deepak Blue, Santhosh Narayanan
Lyricist(s) Ramajogayya Sastry, Kumaar
Music Producer(s) Santhosh Narayanan
Star Cast Prabhas, Diljit Dosanjh

The translated Telugu and Punjabi lyrics of “Bhairava Anthem” reflect themes of self-identity, strength, and perseverance. The song by Diljit Dosanjh explores introspection, bravery, and the duality of “selfishness” and “selflessness.” It also celebrates cultural pride and resilience through Punjabi verses. Musically, it’s a fusion of traditional and contemporary sounds, blending Punjabi folk with modern cinematic music, creating a captivating auditory experience.

Kalki 2898 Ad Movie’s Bhairava Anthem Lyrics English {Meaning}

Oka Nene, Naku Chuttu Nene
I am one… I am surrounded by myself
Okataina Ontaronni Kane
I am one, yet I am not alone.
Dheerudine, Aa, Yodhudine Aa
I am the brave one, I am the warrior.

Bhoomi Nene Sooryudaina Nene
I am the earth, I am the sun.
Nannu Nene Chutti Thiruguthane
I revolve around myself.
Swardhamu Nene Paramardhamu Nene
I am selfishness, I am selflessness.

Oh Punjabi Aa Gaye Oye
Here come the Punjabis,
Meri Mizaajan Akhiyan
Oh, my mischievous eyes,
Mane Na Gal Dheeth Hai Pakkiyan
They are not easily persuaded and are determined.
Ve Rohab Vekho Jatt Da Ve
Witness the strength of a Jatt boy,
Kade Ni Pichhe Hatda Ve Mere Mahiya
He never retreats, my dear.

Ye Din Rat Karda Tarakkiyan
He progresses constantly,
Ke Din Rat Karda Tarakkiyan
He moves forward continuously,
Ke Rohab Vekho Jatt Da Ve Mere Mahiya
Witness the strength of a Jatt boy,
Kade Ni Pichhe Hatda Ve Mere Mahiya
He never retreats, my love.

Na Rendu Kallato Lokame Chadivaisa
With my two eyes, I read the whole world,
Musuguna Manushula Rangulu Choosa
I see the colors of people behind the masks.
Nenanva Ante Naku Mukhyam Nenanta
What I am matters to me,
Gelupu Jendale Na Daranta
The path is full of victory flags.

Manasu Unnagani Ledanta
Even if there is a mind, I say no,
Medadu Mate Ne Vinta
I listen only to what my brain says,
Mayadari Lokamlo, Inthe Inthe Nenanta, Ay…
In this deceitful world, I say only this much, hey!

Naku Nene Karta Karma Kriya
I am the subject, the object, and the action,
Oka Nene Vela Sainyamaya…
I am one, I am an army of thousands…
Na Gamanam Nitya Ranam
My journey is an eternal battle,
Kanakana Kanam, Anucharaganam…
Moment by moment, my followers…

Ve Sara Jag Karda Ye Thaggiyan
Nigahan Sade Pichhe Kyun Hai Lagiyan

Oh, the whole world is cheating; why are their eyes locked on us?
Meri Mizaajan Akhiyan
Mane Na Gal Dheeth Hai Pakkiyan

O my playful eyes, they don’t get convinced easily, and they are stubborn.
Ve Rohab Vekho Jatt Da Ve
Kade Ni Pichhe Hatda Ve Mere Mahiya

See the power of a Jatt boy, he never steps back, my love.

Sahasa Mantrame Na Javajeevamu
Adventure is the mantra of my life,
Samayamu Choonani Samaramidi
This is a war without regard for time,
Sayudha Yantrame Lohapu Dehamu
My body of metal is an armed machine,
Na Kathaye Vidhi Gelavanidi
My story is one that destiny cannot defeat.

Bhairava Anthem Full Song

Bhairava Anthem Music Video

The “Bhairava Anthem” music video features dynamic scenes of cultural pride and battle readiness, enhancing the song’s powerful message. Prabhas and Diljit Dosanjh’s performances add visual depth, creating a captivating narrative. This compelling blend of introspective lyrics, energetic music, and striking visuals is a testament to cultural pride and personal strength, making it a must-listen with a lasting impression.

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