Bharat – Turpeya Song Lyrics [with Translation] | English Meaning

Salman Khan’s new Hindi film Bharat’s just released song ‘Turpeya Lyrics with Meaning’ in English are out now. Sukhwinder Singh lends voice for “TURPEYA” Hindi track, check out the full song translation.
Turpeya is a Punjabi word and can be interpreted in Hindi as “चल पड़ा or Chal Pada.” The song chrous will be similarly translated into Hindi as “Main Chal Parha Ghar Se Door, मैं चल पड़ा घर से दूर.”

turpeya song bharat meaning english
Album Name:Turpeya (Hindi)
ArtistsSukhwinder Singh
SongwriterIrshad Kamil
Music DirectorAbhijit Nalani
Album Name:Bharat (2019)


Chaar Paise Kamaawan Layi, Main Aaya Ghar Se Door,
To make some good money, I have come far from home.
Ghar Se Door Main Aaya, Lekin Ghar Na Mujhse Door,
Even I have come very far, my house is still the closest to my heart.

Dekh Mere Batuwe Wich, Dil De Mere Batuwe Wich,
See in my wallet, See in the safekeeping of my heart.
Ab Bhi Ghar Da Photo,
Still there is a picture of my sweet home.
Seena Cheer Ke Check Kar Lena, Doubt Je Koyi Ho Toh,
Cut my chest down to findout, if you have any doubts about it.

Ke Main Tur Peya, Main Tur Peya
I am going out.
Main Tur Peya Ghar Se Door Ke Main Turpeya,
I am going away from my home. I am going away.
Main Tur Peya Par Jana Laut Zarur.
Even I am going away but surely I am going to comeback home.

Sab Mil Gaya, Par Na Mila Ghar Jaisa Koyi Suroor
I have acheived everything but could never take pleasure of being at home.

Main Tur Peya, Main Tur Peya Par Jana Laut Zaroor.
I am going away. But I will comeback home for sure.

Ho Raaz Ki Befikri, Pardeson Mein Nahi,
There is no unconcernedness of keeping a secret in the foreign countries.
Baat Jab Jhappi Wali, Sundeshon Mein Nahi,
The delight (or joy) of a hug is not in sending out messaged (or letters.)

Fursaton Bhara Samaa, Milta Hai Yahan,
There is very much leisure time here.
Rishton Mein Garmahat Aisi, Lagti Yaha Kahan.
There is no such warming (closeness) in the relations here.

Haye Char Paisa Bachawan Layi
To earn some good money.
Main Turpeya Ho Main Turpeya
I decided to go out (to a foreign country.)
Haye Ghar Pe Khushi Leyavan Layi
To bring happiness to my home.
Main Turpeya Haye Main Turpeya
I decided to go out (to a foreign country.)

Maine Yahan Pe Aake Jaana Thaane Jaisa Mulk Begana
After coming here, I have come to know that. A foreign country is like a police station.
Qismat Wala Hai Jo Peeche Murh Gaya Murh Gaya Murh Gaya.
The one gets to go back from here, is the luckiest one.

Main Turpeya, Main Turpeya, Main Turpeya Ghar Se Door,
I have moved out. I have moved out to away from home.
Ke Main Turpeya, Main Turpeya Par Jaana Laut Zaroor,
I have moved out but surely I will go back home some day.

Ho Dhoop Kheton Ki Woh Yadon Mein Hai Abhi
I still remember the beautiful sunlight in fields.
Ek Ladki Jaisi Lagti Thi Woh Kabhi,
She (the sunlight) looked wonderful like a pretty girl.

Garmiyan Nigah Mein Meethi Si Adaa,
Sweetly, she brought the summers.
Ab Bhi Apna Dil Uspe Pehle Jaisa Fidaa,
My heart still falls for her.

Hoye Yaar Usko Payaavan Layi, Main Tur Peya, Main Tur Peya,
To get her drunk, I have moved out.
Usko Paas Bulawan Layi, Main Tur Peya, Main Tur Peya,
To call her here, I have moved out.

Dekhe Jalwe Masi Tere, Par Wo Dil Mein Basti Mere,
I have felt the charm & jolliness here, but still she resides in my heart.

Yaad Mein Jiske Ye Dil Yoon Hi Bhar Gaya, Bhar Gaya, Bhar Gaya.
In whose memories, my heart cried-out.

Main Turpeya, Main Turpeya, Main Turpeya Ghar Se Door,
I am moving out. I am moving out, away from my home.
Ke Main Turpeya, Main Turpeya, Par Jaana Laut Zaroor,
I am moving out but I am desperate to comeback home.


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