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“Bhari Mehfil Lyrics Meaning” is a powerful Hindi song featuring Ikka and Sunidhi Chauhan, produced by Sanjoy and presented by T-series. The song’s alternative title, “Bhari Mehfil,” perfectly aligns with its introspective lyrics and soulful melody. With Ikka and Sunidhi Chauhan lending their voices, the track delves into deep emotional landscapes, drawing listeners into its narrative of heartbreak and solitude. From Ikka’s latest album, “Only Love Gets Reply,” this song has gained significant attention online for its raw and evocative portrayal of love and loss.

Bhari Mehfil Lyrics English Meaning Ikka Sunidhi Chauhan
Title Bhari Mehfil
Vocalist(s) Ikka, Sunidhi Chauhan
Lyricist(s) Ikka
Producer(s) Sanjoy

The lyrics of “Bhari Mehfil” depict unrequited love, emotional turmoil, and the search for loyalty. Metaphors comparing emotional pain to the cold of winter and the scattering of autumn leaves add poetic depth. Sunidhi Chauhan’s mesmerizing vocals enhance the song’s blend of modern beats and traditional melodies.


Na Bhari Mehfilon Mein Bulaya Karo,
Don’t call me to crowded gatherings,
Tanhaiyan Naraz Ho Jati Hain,
My solitude gets offended.
Neend Aankhon Se Ojhal Arsa Ho Gaya,
Sleep has vanished from my eyes for a long time.
Par Woh Aaram Se Kitne Soh Jati Hai,
Yet, she sleeps so peacefully.

Tumne Dillagi Ki Namaze Padhai,
You have read the prayers of flirtation.
Humne To Wafa Mein Wafa Hi Na Payi,
But I have found no loyalty in loyalty.
Hum Patjhad Ke Patton Se Hai Bikhre Bikhre,
We are scattered like leaves in autumn.
Mila Sard Mausam Aur Uski Ruswahi,
Winter’s chill and her betrayal have met.

Hum Ashqon Mein Apne Hi Doobe Rahe,
We drowned in our own tears.
Na Kinaron Se Usne Awaze Lagayi,
She didn’t call out from the shore.
Hum Reh Reh Kaid Apni Hi Sisakiyon Mein,
Imprisoned in our own sighs,
Kya Tu Rone Ki Deta Humko Kamayi,
Do you give us the right to cry?

Han Sote Ki Fir Se Woh Sapno Mein Aayi,
Yes, she came back in my dreams while I slept.
Fir Aankhein Khuli Aur Woh Kho Jati Hain,
Then I opened my eyes, and she vanished.
Neend Aankhon Se Ojhal Arsa Ho Gaya,
Sleep has vanished from my eyes for a long time,
Par Woh Aaram Se Kitne So Jati Hai,
Yet, she sleeps so peacefully.

Tumko Pata Na Ke Kya Humpe Beete,
You have no idea what happened to me.
Khudse Tum Puchho Ke Kya Keh Diya,
Ask yourself what you said.
Shaq Se Na Chalti Mohabbat Ki Sansein,
Love cannot breathe with suspicion.
Jane Bina Bewafa Keh Diya,
You called me unfaithful without knowing.

Main Teri Thi Teri Hoon Teri Kasam,
I am yours, I am yours, I swear by you.
Tera Dil Todu Aisa Gunah Na Kiya,
I did not commit the sin of breaking your heart.
Bayan Na Kar Paun Ki Kitna Asar,
I cannot express how much impact it has.
Dard Jo Tune Wafa Ko Diya,
The pain you have inflicted on loyalty has had.

Takleefon Mein Din Mere Dhalte Rahe,
My days pass in pain.
Aur Ashqon Mein Shamein Guzar Jati Hain,
And my nights are spent in tears.
Unse Khafa Par Na Unko Khabar,
Angry with her, but she is unaware,
Ye Deewani Bhi Uski Na So Pati Hai,
Even this madwoman cannot sleep.

Tanha Raton Mein Ek Nam Yad Aata Hai,
On lonely nights, a name comes to mind,
Kabhi Subah Kabhi Sham Yad Aata Hai,
Sometimes, morning and sometimes evening come to mind.
Jab Sochte Hai Kar Le Dubara Se Mohabbat,
When we think of loving again,
Teri Mohabbat Ka Anjam Yad Aata Hai,
The consequences of your love come to mind.

Zakhm Dekar Na Puch Mere Dard Ki Shiddat,
Please don’t ask me the intensity of my pain after you wound me.
Dard To Dard Kam Zyada Kya,
What difference does pain make, more or less?
Dil Pe Hath Rakh Ke Khudse Se Puch,
Put your hand on your heart and ask yourself,
Kya Main Tujhe Yad Nahi Aata Kya,
Do I not miss you?

Mila Sukoon Mere Dil Ko Jab Jalayi,
Peace came to my heart when I lit it.
Jo Sambhal Lagi Photo Yar Ki,
When I looked at my lover’s photo,
Kokhle The Rookhe Murjha Se Gaye,
I was withered, dry, and faded.
Us Bete Ko Na Mila Dhoop Pyar Ki,
That child did not receive the sunshine of love.

Ratein Mangti Sath Meri Aankhon Se,
Nights demand company from my eyes.
Bahot Bhari Chadha Neend Ka Jo Karja Hai,
The burden of sleep is hefty.
Han Yad Aaya Tere Jo The Aakhri Alfaj,
Yes, I remembered your last words,
Jee Sake To Jee Lena Mar Jaye Toh Hi Achha Hei,
If you can live, live; if you die, it is better.

Woh Har Kone Mein Humko Dekhe Sunaye,
She sees and hears me in every corner.
Na Awaz Khamosh Ho Pati Hai,
Her voice cannot be silenced.
Neend Aankhon Se Ojhal Arsa Ho Gaya,
Sleep has vanished from my eyes for a long, long time.
Par Woh Aaram Se Kitne So Jati Hai,
Yet, she sleeps so peacefully.

Bhari Mehfil Music Video

The music video for “Bhari Mehfil,” directed by T-series, beautifully captures the song’s themes of loneliness and introspection. Ikka’s audio and video performance brings out the essence of the narrative, making it a compelling watch and listen. The song, sung by Ikka and Sunidhi Chauhan, delves deep into love’s darker shades and invites listeners to immerse themselves in its poignant story.

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