Bloody Hell – Rangoon (2017)

Singers: Sunidhi Chauhan

Lyricist: Gulzar

Actors: Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut, Satish Shah

Song Name: Bloody Hell

Album / Movie: Rangoon (2017)

Released: Jan 12, 2017

Label: 2017 T-series

Bloody Hell Lyrics from Rangoon (2017) Movie: The song is in seductive voice of Sunidhi Chauhan, filming complete diva Kangana Ranaut in a military suit. The unconventional lyrics of the song are penned down by Gulzar which takes the song back to 40s. The music video also features Shahid Kapoor who plays as a soldier and Saif Ali Khan – who is madly in love with Kangana in the demanding movie. Despite the narrative lyric of “BLOODY HELL” Hindi song, this is completely hard to have any hints about film’s script.

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Bloody Hell!

I the walking, walk walk walk
He the talking, talk talk talk (x2).

Main boli good good morning,
Good morning, good morning,
Aji haath pe rakhdi usne ring,
Ring ring ring, golden ring,
Arey round round, haan round round,
Main chakkar kha gayi tezi mein.

No No! Sorry Sorry karte
Ishq kiya angrezi mein. (x2).

Khullam khulla do hoton ka
Jaam piya angrezi mein
Baji ek bell tring tring,

Bloody Hell, Bloody Hell (x2).

No no no sorry sorry karte,
Ishq kiya angrezi mein,
Arey khullam khulla do honton ka,
Jaam piya angrezi mein,
Baji ek bell tring tring,

Bloody Hell, Bloody Hell (x2).

Suit mein tha
wo boot mein tha,
Suit mein tha,
wo boot mein tha,
Haan woh parachute mein tha,
Haan woh parachute mein tha.

Ud jaata tha kahin kahin
Aasmaan pe leke zameen
Maine usko chhoda nahi
Dil-wil uska toda nahi.

Phas gaya, phas gaya gentleman,
Good man good man di laaltain (x2).

Arey round bound hum bound bound,
Wo crazy tha aur lazy main.

Usne do aankhon se mera,
Naam liya angrezi mein.

Arey khullam-khulla do honton ka,
Jaam piya angrezi mein,
Baji ek bell tring tring.

Bloody Hell, Bloody Hell (x3).

Ik chaaku tha
Be-kaabu tha
Do aankhon ka
Ik jaadu tha (x2), haye.

Har haal mein phas gayi gentleman
Goodman Goodman di laalten (x2).

Aji daayein baayein
Haan baayein daayein
Jab hamle huwe angrezi mein.

Girte girte usne mujhko
Thaam liya angrezzi mein.

Aye khullam khulla do honto ka jaam piya
Angrezi mein
Baji ik bell…
Bloody hell!
Bloody hell, Bloody hell, hell hell, bloody hell.