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Chaand Baaliyan song featuring Anchal Sharma, Rajat Dakol has grand Hindi lyrics and aesthetic English translation with verbals by Aditya A. The confounding lyrics of the Chand Waliyan ballad were documented by Aditya A. Aditya A was the songsmith of CHAAND BAALIYAN’s angelic music. The four-star music video for the attention-grabbing canticle was ruled by Shivam Sharma.


Name of Song: Chaand Baaliyan
Lead Vocalist: Aditya A
Writer of Poetry: Aditya A
Music Director: Aditya A
Director: Shivam Sharma


Dekhun Main Tujhe Yaa Dekhun Kudrat Ke Nazaare
Should I watch you or the beauty of nature;
Mushkilon Main Hai Ye Dil Mera
this thought troubled my heart.
Mana Teri Surat Ki Hai Chaandi SauTakka Billo
I agree that your face is stunning,
Mere Dil Ka Sona Bhi Khara
but my heart is as pure as gold.

Ye Teri Chaand Baaliyan Hai Honthon Pe Ye Gaaliyaan
Girl, your earrings are as lovely as the moon, and you speak foul language.
Ye Teri Chaand Baaliyan Hai Honthon Pe Ye Gaaliyaan
Your earrings are as beautiful as the moon, and you use foul language.

Sochne Ka Mauka Na Diya Hai
You didn’t give me a chance to think about it.
Main To Tere Peeche Ho Liya
I began to follow you around.
Main To Tere Peeche Ho Liya Main To Tere Peeche
and I began following you around.

Suit Patiala Tera Juuti Amritsaria,
You’re dressed in a stunning Patiala suit and Amritsar-inspired footwear.
Dil Kamzor Hai Mera
My heart is weak.

Muk Jaane Nakhre Tere Mera Ishq Naio Muk Na
Your temper tantrums would come to an end, but love would not.
Pakka Hai Promise Jatt Da
That is my commitment to you.

Lade Naino Ke Peche Aaha Tu Door Se Mujhko Khenche Aaha
I was drawn to you as soon as our eyes met.
Lade Naino Ke Peeche Haan Ji Tu Door Se Mujhako Khenche Oho
As soon as our gazes met, I was drawn to you.

Dor Tu Patang Main Tera Haye
I am the kite attached to you, and you are the thread.
Main To Teri Chaad Pe Ja Gira
I landed on your roof like a kite.
Main To Tere Peeche Ho Liya Hoye Hoye Main To Tere Peeche
and I began following you around.

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