Chahat Lyrics – Zack Knight

Chahat Lyrics from Zack Knight is a fusion song which is sung, written as well as produced by artist himself.The word ‘CHAHAT’ means interest or wish and it can be pounced as cāhata  chaahata.

chahat-lyrics-single-zack-knightSong Name: Chahat

Artist: Zack Knight

You can read here Zack Knight’s most recent release Chahat full track lyric with Hindi lines meaning and translation in English.

Chahat Lyrics – Zack Knight

Girl don’t you ever let me go
Cause I will bleed,

Cause girl I was blinded by the world
But now i see
Now i see,

Who would have thought
Who would believe
That you could change my ways
In an instant,

You get me sprung
For me to leave
For me to leave the game
For the real thing
For the real thing.

Raste dilon ke saare tumse mile hain
Honton pe teri baaton ke sil-sile hain
Tuhi nigahon mein
Dil ki panahon mein
Aisa lage teri chahaton pe kho gaye hai hum.
Teri chahaton pe kho gaye hai hum.

So girl
Teri har harkat pe main ho gaya fida
Ho gaya….
Cause girl, You’re a muse the words just come
When I’m with you,
And even when i leave
When I’m with you
When I’m on the road girl
We be like a team head doen like a soldier
On the other line
Thats when I told ya
How do I say this any other way.

Raste dilon ke saare tumse mile hai
Honto pe teri baaton ke sil sile hai,

Tuhi nigaahon mein
Dil ki panaahon mein
Aisa lage teri chahaton pe kho gaye hai hum (x2),
Kho gaye … kho gaye.

(Translation of Hindi Lines in Chorus: All the ways of my heart are connected with you,
It’s just your sayings’ sequence of on my lips,
You’re in my eyes
Even in in the shelter of my heart,
It feels like I have been lost in wishing you so despirately.)