Chamma Chamma Lyrics (with Translation) – Fraud Saiyaan

CHAMMA CHAMMA – Neha Kakkar Fraud SaiyaanChamma Chamma Lyrics with Translation in English (aka chama chama baje re meri paijaniya) from latest film Fraud Saiyaan features Elli AvrRam in beautiful music video. The revamped song has playback vocals from Neha Kakkar, Romy, Arun with a rap verse of Ikka. Shabbir Ahmed is lyricist and Tanishk Bagchi has rec-created the music beats for “Chama chama” most famous track.


Cham cham, paijaniya, cham cham, haaye paijaniya
The jingling, the anklets
Dekha dekhi dil mera jud gaya re
In just moments our hearts got connected,
Leke pardesi dil ud gaya re
A stranger flew away taking my heart.

Oye oye, aankhon se connection jud gaya re
Our eyes has just connected while looking at each other,
Leke pardesi dil ud gaya re,
He flew away taking my heart.

Tere close aake teri, saanson mein samaau raja
Tere close aake teri, saanson mein samaau
I shall come closer and settle in your breaths
Teri neendein chura loon,
And shall steal your sleeps away….

Chama chama, baje re meri paijaniya
Re chamma chamma, baaje re meri paijaniya
It’s jingling. My anklets are jingling all around.

Teri cham cham karti paijaniya, desi beat pe hilti kamariya
Your anklet jingles and waist shakes on a desi beat,
Uss par tiki hai meri nazariya, main hoon pyaasa tu hai dariya
I am looking right at it. I am thirsty and you’re river.
Tere gol gol kaano ke jhumke, ek baat bolun jana meri sunke,
Your beautiful hoop earrings. Listen to me girl, I have to say something.
Sau mein se sau, maine diye tere nakhre ko,
I give you 100/100 for your attitude
Aag lagati jab maare thumke,
And when you dance you set everything on fire.

Hila doon UP, hila doon MP
Haaye, hila doon UP, hila doon MP
I shall shake Uttar Pradesh. I shall shake the Madhya Pradesh
Jo maarun main thumka, haaye!
As I wind my waist in dance.

Tere thumke pe, haan Mumbai, Patna
Main haarun Calcutta haaye,
For these dance moves of yours, I’m willing to lose Mumbai, Patna and Calcutta.

Teri patli kamar teri tirchhi nazar
Your waist is slim and eyes are sharp
Mujhko tu bana le rani apna lover,
Make me your lover, my queen,

Meri patli kamar meri tirchhi nazar
My waist is slim and my eyes are sharp
Mere aage piche ghume jaane kitne lover
I have plenty of lovers roaming around…
Tere haath na aani,
You can’t catch me..

Chamma chamma baaje re meri paijaniya,
My anklets make jingling sound all around.

Re chamma chamma, baaje re meri paijaniya
Jingling and jingling all around, my anklets are jingling.
Oh chamma chamma.

Baaje re teri paijaniya, re chamma chamma
Baaje re teri paijaniya,
Jingling and jingling all around, your anklets are jingling.

Cham cham, paijaniya, cham cham haaye paijaniya.

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