Chehre Lyrics Translation – Harish Verma

Chehre Lyrics (with English Translation) – A delightful song performed by Harish Verma has been musically produced by Starboy Music X. Sandhu Kuldeep pens the Punjabi song stanza and Harish also acts in music video alongside Khushi Chaudhay.

Chehre song thumb by Harish Verma

Album Chehre (Punjabi)
Actor(s) Harish Verma, Khushi Chaudhay
Music Composer(s) Starboy Music X
Songwriter Sandhu Kuldeep
Video Director Jaci Saini


Duniya te lakh’an chehre, beshak ne fabbde ve,
Undoubtedly, there are hundreds of thousands pretty faces in the world,
Mere 2 nain ne kamle, har pal tenu labde ve,
But these do silly eyes of mine only seek you.

Teray vich rehn gawache, yaadan de ghere ve,
The boundaries of my mind are limited to having thoughts about you only.

Jina tu khud wich sajjna,Ona-e vich mere ve,
As much as you exist in yourself, Same you exist in me as well.
(Simplified: When you’re not around me, I can still feel that you’re around as my soul.)

Jina tu khud vich sajjna,
As much as you exist in yourself.

Kanna nu chardi masti sun ke tere bol soneya,
My ears are delighted hearing your voice,
Rab nu tak lavaan nedeyo, behke tere kol soneya,
I could discover God by just being with you,
Kardi shingar jadon, sheesha mainu chhede ve.
The mirror flirts with me while I’m dressing-up.

Jiná tu khud wich sajjna, Onaa hi wich mere ve (x2).
As much as your soul is present in your body, Same it exists in me too.

Teri ae adaa niraali, Kehke koi gal te hasna,
Smiling adorably after saying something, this style of yours is particular.
Kadd ke meri jaan lai jaave, Aukha ho jaawe bachna,
It takes me breathe away. It is so hard for me to escape.
Mainu hunar sikhaade, Aunde tainu jede ve.
Dear, teach me such skills.

Jína tu khud wich sajna, ona e wich mere ve,
As much as you’re with your own-self. Same you’re present in me.
Jinaa tu khud vich sajjna,
As much as you’re with your own-self.

Sandhu kuldeep main rab ton, manndi haan nit duavan,
Oh Sandhu Kuldeep (songwriter), Every single day I ask in my prayers that..
Vaalan de cheer ch suha rang main tere pyar da pawaan,
I want to apply vermilion for you on my forehead. (an Indian custom that only a married woman does in the name of her husband.)

Gore mere pair di jhanjar, shan’ku tere vehde ve,
The anklets of my beautiful feet would jingle in your house yard.

Jiná tu khud wich sajjna, Onaa hi wich mere ve,
As much as you exist in yourself, Same you exist in me as well.

The multi-talented artist Harish Verma has released his new Punjabi love song “Chehre” and it has been written in the writing of Sandhu Kuldeep. The Punjabi song translation is also available.

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