Chhod Diya Lyrics (Translation in English) – Arijit Singh | Baazaar

Chod Diya Song Lyrics Translation in English – From the latest Bollywood movie Baazaar in voice of Arjit Singh, Chhod Diya Wo Rasta Lyrics meaning in English with its Hindi lyrics is a sad song. lyrics of chhod diya are defined by Shabbir Ahmed.


Chhod diya woh raasta
I quit that path
Jis raaste se tum the guzre
Which you once treaded on.

Tod diya woh aaina
I broke the mirror
Jis aaine mein tera aks dikhe,
In which I see your illusions.

Main sheher mein tere tha ghairon sa
I was in your city like a stranger,
Mujhe apna koi na mila
But I couldn’t find any kin
Tere lamhon se, mere zakhmon se
From your moments to my wounds
Ab toh main door chalaa
Now I am going far away.

Rukh na kiya unn galiyon ka
No point now staying in those lanes
Jin galiyon mein teri baatein ho
Where your memories dwell.

Chhod diya wo raasta
I quit that path
Jis raaste se tum the guzre
Which you once treaded on.

Main tha musafir raah ka teri
I was a passenger of your path
Tujh tak mera tha daayra
I was only limited to you.

Main kabhi tha mehbar tera
I was your companion once
Khanabadosh main ab thehra
Now I have become a nomad (stranger) to you.

Chhoota nahin unn phoolon ko,
I don’t touch those flowers
Jin phoolon mein teri khushboo ho,
In which even your fragrance is present
Rooth gaya unn khwaabon se,
I am upset with those dreams,
Jin khaabon mein tera khaab bhi ho
In which your presence is there.

Kuch bhi na paaya maine safar mein
I didn’t get anything in this journey
Hoke safar ka main reh gaya
I just remained a part of this unworthy journey.

Kaagaz ko boshida ghar tha,
Bheegte baarish mein beh gaya,.

Dekhun nahin us chandani ko
I don’t gaze at that moonlight
Jis mein ki teri parchhai ho
In which your shadow is there
Door hoon main inn hawaaon se
I am far away from the winds
Yeh hawaa tujhe chhu ke bhi aayi na ho
Because these winds may have touched you and come.