Chidi Udd Kaa Udd (Lyrics English Translation)

cover pic for chidi udd kaa ud lyrics translation songsChidi Udd Kaa Udd is a popular children’s game for at least 2 or more players, the title meaning in English is “Sparrow fly, Crow fly” translated into Hindi as “चिड़िया उड़ कौआ उड़”, the song name, chorus has been taken from the phrase of game which involves mind,hand and ear coordination. In this game one person asks another, “Does crow fly” and respondent listens carefully and if the object can fly he takes his hand in air and says yes crow fly, for example. Ater asking for few birds who can fly, the questioner tries to trick the respondent with asking something which cannot fly for example “does cow fly,” now here if the respondent says in flow of game that yes cow flies, and there he loses the game.

The latest song of Parmish Verma uses famous phrase of “Chidi Udd Kaa Udd” game and the same phrase also has been used in many children poems. In Hindi, the game is also called as “Chidiya Ud Tota Ud.” Through the verses of song, the singer expresses desires of a you man that what would he or someone would ask from God or wish to have in their life. It could be luxury cars, outfits or lands of gold clubs or casinos.

Below is the translation of Parmish Verma’s Punjabi song “Chidi Udd Kaa Udd Lyrics” with the closes meaning of verses, Hope everyone would find it useful. The meaning of song in English has been added on demand of many users who requested for translations. If you also need any other song to be translated, just head to request translation page and soon you may see the translations live on this website.


Chirhi udd kaa udd Hor rabba, what’s good?
Ho wish mangaa main raba taitho Karke thodi daleri jayi,
Ho rich hon nu ajkal bahli Rooh ji kardi meri, hoye.

Does a sparrow fly, does a crow fly,
Oh God, is everything good ?
Oh God, with all my courage I wish to have something from you
I have this strong desire of becoming rich a person, nowadays.

Bas suit hon Armani de, 20-25 Versace ji,
Ah L.V. Gucci wale kapre Ghare fadaa jaan aapey ji,
Ho Bill Gate naal Trump vi mitran de kol aunda janda howe,
Beamer, Benz’an, Bentley de nal Bhareya peya baranda howe,

Wish to have dozens of branded Armani & Versace suits,
Wish the L.V. (LOUIS VUITTON) and Gucci designers would come to my home to deliver their new designs to me,
I wish I was good friend with Bill Gates and Donal Trump and see them oftenly,
I also wish that I had my yard full of luxury cars like Beamer, Bentley, Mercedes Benz.

Te 6×6 da pikka 100 acre wich ludhiane de Te 300 wich America,
Ik raavan di lanka naalo vadda mehal vi sonay da,
Tere sir te aish kara main Faida ki ae ronay da, 

And a 6 by 6 pick-up truck
Not until that, also 100 acres land in city of Ludhaina
And 300 acres of land in America, I wish to have,
Also a huge golden palace even bigger than Raavan’s Sri Lanka,
I want to live carefree, God, there is no point being miserable.

Chiri udd kaa udd Hor raba what’s good? 
Sparow fly? Crow fly?
What else is good, Oh God?

Ho chitti Lamborghini vich
Paa 21 inch tu rim bhejde Ah chote-mote kamma nu
Ek Alladin da jin bhejde,

Ho fit hoja main betha-betha Aa haha! O meri thaan kise ny gym bhej de,

Dear God, send me a white Lamborghini with 21 inches tire rims
And also please send an Alladin Jini to do my small works,
While just sitting and doing nothing, Wish I could become fit
God, send somebody else to gym for me.

Mere khan nu peezay khulle Ghar de viche ik domino
Ho je hath painda oversea taan Vegas vich casino.

A lot of pizzas for me to eat,
Like my own Domino’s at my house,
And if you could, God, please get me my own casino in Vegas.

Ho Wonder Woman ton vi sohni Mitran de nal biba howe,
Ho wich Miami jheel kol Ik golf wala tibba hove,

Wish there was a girl with me even more prettier than Wonder Woman,
Also I request to have a golf club of my own.

Jidda howe kidda howe khed-khed na thakkan main
Ah duniya te jo hater mere
Ball chukkan nu rakhan main.

Whatever size would it be,
I would keep my haters pick and bring back my gold balls.

Chirri udd kaa udd Horr raba what’s good? -x2.

Sparrow fly? Crow fly?
What more is good? Oh God!

Ho masti de wich kamla hoke 2 Rolex ‘an lavaan main
O rang barangiya gaddiyan de naal
Matching leede pawa main,

Te sabb nu eh samjhawan main,

I think of dancing with fun while wearing two Rolex watches on my wrist,
And wear matching fancy clothes with my colorful cars
And tell it to everyone that…

Ke gate mere te pitbull banne Gate mere te pitbull banne Poosh halaunde yaaran nu,

O Laddi agge ki aa?
Waddan fake newsan wale jaali pattarkaran nu….

There are Pitbull’s on my house gate
Swinging their tails for me,
Oh Laddi brother, what to sing next?
And those dogs would bite the fake news reporters.

Ho fasal fukkke na kise jatt di Mood kade na sad hove
Oh shoti ji ik hor wish Motor te hellipad howe.

I request that no farmer’s crops burn or they ever become sad
And another small wish I have to have a helipad on water motor.

M Vee oye pendi aa fer dhak champion?
Chak chak, chak chak!

M. Vee brother, Am I slaying it?