Chinna Machan Enna Pulla Lyrics | English Meaning

Lyrics to ‘Chinna Machan Enna Pulla’ a Tamil song from ‘Charlie Chaplin 2’ movie with meaning and translation in English features Prabhu Deva, Nikki Galrani

Charlie Chaplin 2 lyrics meaning
Song Name Chinna Machan (Tamil)
Artist(s) Senthil Ganesh, Rajalakshmi
Album Charlie Chaplin 2
Music Composer(s) Amrish
Actors Prabhu Deva, Nikki Galrani
Lyrics Writer Chella Thangaiah


Eh, chinna machan, enna pulla
Hey! My favorite beau. What, my love?
Sevatha machan, sollu pulla
Dude, dapper man. Tell me, woman.
En sevatha machan, adi sollu pulla
My heart throb one and only. My fair lady, tell me.

Eh, chinna machan, enna pulla
Hey! My handsome beau. Yes, my treasure trove?
Sevatha machan, sollu pulla
En sevatha machan, enna sollu pulla
Dude, my valentine. Tell me, my love sublime.

Oorukulla, ungala yesuraaga
People are gossiping about you.
Dhinam onnu rendaa, solli pesuraaga
They say ‘2+2 = 5’ my beau!
Namma oorukulla, ungala yesuraaga
Our people are maligning you.
Onna rendaa, solli pesuraaga
They say you’re up to no good, dude.

Eh, chinna pulla, enna machan
Hey! My little lassie. Yes, my dear, tell me.
Sevatha pulla, sollu machan
Adi sevatha pulla, enna sollu machan.
My beloved, apple of my eye. Tell me, man who takes me high.

Yaaru yaaru, enna pesunaaga
Who spoke ill of me?
Adi enna vellam, solli yesunaaga
What did they say, dearie?
Inga yaaru yaaru, enna pesunaaga
Who ridiculed and condemned me?
Adi enna vellam, solli yesunaaga
What was their complaint, dearie?

Ah, aasai machan, enna pulla
My love till the very end. What, my dear girlfriend?
Azhagu machan, sollu pulla
My dapper man. Yes, my woman?
En azhagu machan, enna sollu pulla
My handsome lover. What, my life forever?

Aandipatti anitha, yaaru machan
Who is anita of aandipatti?
Ithu akkam pakkam, pesum pechu machan
This is the gossip in our city.

Ah, aththai pulla, enna machan
O my kissing cousin. What, my glow within?
Azhagu pulla, sollu machan
Beautiful girlie. Beau, tell me.
En azhagu pulla, enna sollu machan
My sweet honey. What, tell me?
Aandipatti anitha, akka ponnu
Anita of Aandipatti is my niece sweetie.
Ava anjanglass-u padikkum, chinna ponnu
She is in the 5th grade, all of 10 only.

Ho,chella machan, enna pulla
O my precious love. Yes my treasure trove.
Nalla machan, sollu pulla
Good gentleman. Yes, my woman.
Romba nalla machan, adi sollu pulla
Very good gentleman. Fine, tell me, woman.

Cell phone-ula, paarthen peru machan,
I saw a name listed in your cell phone.
Antha sirukki mava, sathiya yaaru machan
Who is that wretched Sathya, tell me, hon?

Ho, katta pulla, enna machan
O my heart’s desire. Yes, my inner fire.
Karutha pulla, hey!
Dark as ebony love, hey!
Mudi karutha pulla, sollu machan
Tresses dark as ebony, my love. My paramour, tell me now.

Sathiyama solluren, kelu pulla
I swear this is the truth, my dear.
Antha sathiya thaan, en uyir thozhan pulla
Sathya, he is my dear friend, so sincere.

Nesa machan, enna pulla
My lover boy steady. Yes, my princess heady.
Paasa machan, sollu pulla
En aasai machan, adi sollu pulla
My equal half dance-king. Tell me, my delightful darling.

Thungaiyilum, devi-nu solluriga
At night, you utter the name ‘Devi’
Ennai yengavechu, yen machan kolluriga
Why do you send me in a jealous tizzy?

Maaman pulla, enna machan
My kissing cousin. Yes my life within.
Manasukkulla, sollu machan
En manasukkulla, enna sollu machan
Inside the atrium of my heart. What, sweetheart never to part?

Karumari deviyathan, nenachirukken
I was thinking of Goddess Karumari Devi.
Namma kalyana thethiyathan, kurichirukken
I have fixed our wedding date, my love.



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