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Luka Chuppi COCA COLA Song meaning englishCoca Cola Lyrics (mostly also spelled as Coca Cola Tu Shola Shola Tu) from Luka Chuppi with their translation in English to define the meaning of Hindi song lines has released recently.

The latest Bollywood movie “Luka Chuppi” features a new version of “COCA-COLA SONG” performed by Tony Kakkar, Neha Kakkar and Young Desi. This tune has interesting lyrics which are penned by Tony Kakkar and Mellow D. Tanishk Bagchi is the director who recreated music for this refreshing song version. Check out the meaning Hindi song lyrics meaning below.


Sanwali saloni
You have a dusky skin (dark but beautiful, attractive complexion);
Adayein manmohni
and unique style.
Teri jaisi beauty
Beautiful like you;
Kisi ki bhi nahi honi
Nobody is.

Thande ki bottle
You’re a bottle of chilled soft-drink.
Main tera opener
And I am your opener.
Tujhe gat gat main peelun
I will guzzle you.

Coca Cola tu,
You’re my Coca-Cola,
Shola shola tu (x2).
You’re hot like blazing fire.

He is singing to the girl, “You’re my Coca-Cola (compares her beautiful dark skin to the drink) and also tells she is hot like fire.”
It can also be assumed that he is saying, “You’re style is cool as Coca Cola meanwhile you’re hot as fire, too.”

Gym-shym karta hoon,
I daily exercise in gym.
Tidd mera lean aa,
That’s why I have a lean stomach.
Ni tu boldi ae gallan,
Girl, you talk nonstop;
Jive chaldi machine aa,
Like a talking-machine (a radio or TV).
Ni tu chauvi ghante vekhdi aan Scooby-Dooby-Doo,
24/7 you’re busy watching Scooby-Dooby-Doo cartoons.
Halle rehn de naa boli I Love You!
Don’t say yet that you love me.

Pehle khol le tu botal,
Open the bottle first.
Galiyon mein pai jave raula yun,
And let the news spread everywhere;
Ke sare bole tujhe Coca Cola tu.
So everybody addresses you as Coca Cola, too.
Aye! aye!
Coca coca co co coke.

Na samajh tu coca cola,
Don’t take me an easy picking as a bottle of Coca Cola.
Main toh whiskey di botal
I’m a bottle of an expensive whisky.
Mera ik sip hi hai kaafi
And a sip of mine is enough;
Hone ko no shot ho tal.
To intoxicate.

Chakhna manaa hai
It is forbidden to taste,
Rukna manaa hai
It is forbidden to stop
Mujhe peele zara aa tu,
Come and try me.

Coca Cola tu
Coca Cola you are.
Shola shola tu (x2).
Hot like blazing fire you are.

Mere honthon se lagte hi,
As soon as You touch my lips;
Dil mein dhak-dhak hoti hai,
My heart starts beating faster.
Baaki sari thandi-thandi
Rest of the girls are cold (unattractive or not as attractive as you).
Tuhi sabse hottie hai.
You are the hot amongst all of them.
Kyun sharmaye bahon mein na aye,
Why are you shy? Come into my arms.
Mainu lagda patola tu.
I find you really attractive.

Coca Cola tu
Like Coca Cola, you’re complexion and style is cool.
Shola shola tu (x2).
But meanwhile you’re hot like fire.

Tu meri, tu meri,
Haye dil ki pyas bujhana
Do slake this thirst of my heart.
Tu meri, tu meri,
Din bhar ki thakan mitaana.
Please, you make this exhaustion of mine go away.

Coca Cola tu, Shola shola tu (x2).
Coca Cola, You are. Hot like fire, you are.




Song Name Coca Cola
Artist(s) Tony Kakkar, Neha Kakkar, Young Desi
Album Coca Cola (From “Luka Chuppi”) – Single
Music Composer(s) Tanishk Bagchi, Tony Kakkar
Lyrics Writer(s) Tony Kakkar, Mellow D, Young Desi
Label T-Series

T-Series (YouTube) publishes the music video of “Coca Cola” song and it is featured in new film “Luka Chuppi” of Kartik Aaryan and Kriti Sanon. Enjoy the full song lyrics with meaning / ENG translation.

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