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Coka song is proper dance number by Sukhe Muzical Doctorz with peppy lyrics.It’s his first Punjabi music release of 2019 featuring Alankrita Sahai in interesting music video. Fresh Punjabi lyrics to song “Coke” have been jotted down by Jaani.

The track is an ear-catching lyrics which Sukhe sings to a beautiful girl saying,”Your nosepin is very beautiful and it has struck my heart.”

COKA LYRICS (sometimes also searched as Haye ni tera koka) with meaning in English are shared here. The Punjabi song listeners looking for translation, can read the explanation of lyrics in simplest words below:


Haye ni tera coka coka coka coka,
Oh girl, the nose stud of yours…
Billo ni tera coka coka coka coka,
O gorgeous, that nose stud of yours..

Ni mitran nu maar mukaave
It takes my take your breath away,
Ni dil vich varhda jaave,
It strikes my heart,
Ho nakhra full vikhaave,
Showing gestures full of attitude.

Haye ni tera koka koka koka koka,
Oh girl, the nose pin of yours.
Billo ni tera koka koka koka koka.
O beauty, that nose stud of yours.

Kalkatte ton leyanda ya leyanda Gujarat ton
You brought it from Calcutta of Gujarat?
Leyanda Gujarat ton
Or brought it from Gujarat?
Tang mainu kari janda baby kal raat ton
Oh baby, it has been bothering me since last night,
Haan baby kal raat toh.
Since last night.

Thoda jeha tricky lagdae
It seems little tricky (difficult),
Trippy-trippy lagdae
Looks amazing.
Mainu te hippy lagdae,
It also looks hallucinating to me.

Haye ni tera coka coka coka coka,
Oh girl, the nose stud of yours…
Billo ni tera coka coka coka coka.
Oh gorgeous, that nose stud of yours..

Sir mera fadeya ae nasha mainu chaddeya ae,
Holding my head, I feel dazed.
Nasha mainu chaddeya
I feel dazed.

Lagge jiddan ambran da chan ghare vaddeya ae,
It feels like the moon from the skies have visited my house.
Chan ghare vaddeya,
Visited my house.

Ni supna sach karan de
Let me make this dream come true
Ni ajj too much karan de,
Let me do it excessively,
Jaani nu touch karan de,
Allow the poet (jaani) to touch you a little.

Haye ni tera coka coka coka coka,
Oh girl the beautiful nose stud of yours,
Billo ni tera coka coka coka coka
Oh cat-eyed girl, the attractive nose stud of yours.

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Album Coka (Punjabi)
Actor(s) Sukh-e Muzical Doctorz, Alankrita Sahai
Music Composer(s) Sukhe
Songwriter Jaani
Video Director Arvindr Khaira
Release Date 8 Jan, 2019
Label 2019 Desi Melodies