Cow Song Lyrics: Feat. MC Tod Fod – Bandish Projekt


Song: Cow

Singer: Bandish Projekt

Label: Being Indian Music

COW Song (feat. MC Tod Fod) – Bandish Projekt – Being Indian Music

Global Vegetarian Domination One Masi At A
So I’m A Little Bit ‘jadoo’
In Cahoots With The Roots And Also Erykah
I’m The Indupitable Cowboy,
you Say When And I’ll Say Whey Not Make
It Now, Boy
carrot Pickle, Bak Choi
808s. 303s. I Got Cows In My Studio Making
Birds, Bees, Butterflies And Trees
all Of These Are Part Of My Blood Family
I Got Ganesh In The Living Room Getting It\non
And He Ain’t Leaving Till The Bhajans In the Morning
Hanuman The Monkey Hanging In My Kitchen,
assume The Position – Crow, Pigeon
Swing Your Botttom Over.

do The Disco Cobra
Do The Mashed Potato, Through My Golden Gate.
Do Your Salutations To The Sun-dried Tomaticus, do You Downwars Dog And Then Your Downward
Hippopotamus, i Got Cows , I Got Cows
In Different Parts In My House parts In My House
I Got Cows I Got Cows in Different Parts In My House
Parts In My House .
Cow Is My Mother and You All Eat Her
Showing You That We Are Ashamed Coz Of This my Sentiments Are Full Of Sadness
Cow Is Very Useful it Gives Milk Properly To Cities And Villages
At The Rate Of Pearls useful Is This Animal
You Eat And Enjoy you Destroy The World
Believe Me gau Mutra (cows Urine) Is More Pious Than Water.
You Are A Mental Retard Coz There’s Cow Dung On Ur Head.
Now Every Day Is A Holy Day and Every Animal’s A Holy Thing, So Please
Try To Stop Eating Them the Goat Is My Friend
The Cow Is My Brother he Got Great Big Eyes And Fantastic Swinging
Udders this Is My Sister. Her Name Is Susmita
Why Would I Want To Chop Her Up And Eat Her? oh! The Very Thought Is Sickening
So When You Can Eat Vegetables, Why Would you Put Chicken In?
Why Would You? More To The Point, How Could you?
Become A Vegetarian – Better Still, Become a Guju
Gandhi Was A Gujarati, Take A Look At Him, sir
Sacked Off The British By Practising Ahimsa non-violence To Every Living Soul…
That Skinny Little Bugger Was A Genius, Bro
Man Eats Grass And Demons Eat Flesh leave Flesh N Fish N Have Daal Rice
My Cow- Your Cow, We Are Both Brothers eat Vegetables And Become A Gujarati
Hold Vegetables And Leave Kabab Paav live With Auntys Rotla With The Taste Of Lemon
And Onion you Survive On Kheema, Its Kalyugs Sin
Why Do Rasayan? nthe Grass Is My Favorite (smoke Weed Instead).
I Got Cows , I Got Cows in Different Parts In My House
Parts In My House
I Got Cows I Got Cows in Different Parts In My House
Parts In My House .