Darshan Raval – Shab Tum Ho

Shab Tum Ho is a romantic song featuring Darshan Raval & Sarah Khatri in music video with direction of Naushad Khan. The lyrics to Hindi love song are written by Sayeed Quadri and Darshan composed its music. Robinson Shalu is producer of music.


Itni Mohabbat Karta Hoon,
Ke Lafz Bhi Na Keh Paaye,
Tum Mile Mujhe Yun Lagey,
Jaise Koi Duaa Mill Jaaye.

I Love You The Much That Words Also Can’t Express It,
Meeting You Makes Me Feel Like I Have Got Blessings.

Mujhe Jeena Tera Bana Le,
Kiya Khud Ko Tere Hawaale,
Sochun Tujhe Shaam Se Subah Tak
Har Lamha.

Make Me Your Living,
I Have Given Myself Totally To You
Think Of You Only, From Evening To Morning, Every Moment.

Ki Shab Tum Ho,
Tumhi Din Ho.

Night You’re, And Even The Day Also You Are For Me.

Ik Dil Hi Toh Tha Mera
Woh Bhi Tune Le Liya
Mujhe Dena Tu Wafaa
Yeh Hi Tujhse Ilteja.

I Just Had My Heart Only,
You Took It Too,
Be Faithful To Me In Retrurn
That’s My Only Request To You.

Shabnami Si Ho Tum
Meri Pyaas Mein Rehna
Mera Sukoon Ho Tum
Mere Paas Hi Rehna.

You’re Like Dew
Be In My Thirst
You’re My Satisfaction, Stay Close To Me.

Mujhe Jeena Tera Bana Le
Kiya Khud Ko Tere Hawaale
Sochun Tujhe Shaam Se Subah Tak
Har Lamha.

Ki Shab Tum Ho.