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In “Dhare Neenididaasare,” Rakshit Shetty creates a beautiful tapestry of lyrics that resonate with the soil. The song’s alternative name, “Dhare Neeneedidasare,” sneaks into the story like a secret. The music unfolds like an ancient scroll, showing the complex interaction between man and the environment as we travel through this lyrical world.

Dhare neeneedidaasare lyrics translation sapta sagaradaache ello

With subtlety, Rakshit Shetty writes lyrics that transcend the everyday. Shetty wrote the lyrics, which depict Earth as a spectator and participant in human emotions. The distant sea calls us to recollection, and time takes us to new heights. The song becomes a musical adventure through life and the cosmic dance of interwoven lives.

The Dhare Neenididaasare Kannada lyrics’ cultural diversity creates a story about personal and global needs for connection. It’s not merely a song; it’s an artistic treasure that shows humanity’s deep relationship to nature. Like Ganga, the lyrics describe life’s cycles and victories.


Dhare Ni Nididasare
Oh Earth, the shelter you’ve given
Tere E Nenapina Sere
Unveil the screen of memory

Durada Sagara Kugi Kareyitu
Has the distant sea called the shore
Tirake Alegalu Vilasa Helide
Have the waves shown the way to soar

Manavu Hagurayitege
How did the mind clear up, can you tell?
Gange Dharegilida Hage
As the Ganga flowed down heaven’s stairwell
Kade Na Hege Ninna Bilkoduge
How did I wait to bid you farewell?

“Dhare Neenididaasare” is a poetic tribute to nature and our profound connection to the Earth. The emotions of waiting, saying goodbye, and life’s delicate dance are explored. Subtly depicting how our emotions match the Earth’s cycles, the song explores nature’s enormous effect on human awareness.

Dhare Neenididaasare Music Video

The music video’s Kannada language sets the setting for Rakshit Shetty’s lyrics, which transport listeners to a realm where the Earth is both a quiet observer and an active player in human drama. The images and poetry lines create a harmonic symphony that crosses language borders, encouraging a worldwide audience to experience “Dhare Neenididaasare.”

Song Details
Title Dhare Neenididaasare
Movie Sapta Saagaradaache Ello โ€“ Side B
Singer(s) KS Harisankar
Lyrics Writer(s) Rakshit Shetty
Music Composer(s) Charan Raj
Actor(s) Rakshit Shetty, Rukmini Vasanth
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