Dhundle Dhundle Nain Naksh Ohde Chete Ne Lyrics [English] Meaning: Bunny Johal

“Dhundle Dhundle Nain Naksh Ohde Chete Ne Lyrics Meaning” by Bunny Johal is a delightful Punjabi single track that beautifully captures the essence of a long-lost love story. This song is a nostalgic journey down memory lane, as Bunny Johal croons the lyrics about a girl from his past whose image remains etched in his heart.

Dhundle Dhundle Lyrics Bunny Johal

In the lyrics, Bunny Johal vividly describes his first love, her eyes, nose, and other facial features, which he still remembers, even after all these years. He praises her lovely long hair and the black scarf she used to wear, emphasizing her distinct style. These details create a sense of longing and fond remembrance, reminding the listeners of their own moments of first love.

The lyrics to ‘Dhundle Nain Naksh Ohde Chete Ne’ also convey Bunny Johal’s eagerness to meet this girl again. He expresses his strong desire to recognize and have her in his life. It’s a testament to the power of first love, which often lingers in our hearts, regardless of time and distance.


Dhundley Dhundley Nain Naksh Ohde Chetey Ne
Te Baqi Surat Akhan Mureyon Miti Payi Ae
Bas Ik Ose Sheh Nu Haari Baithe Aan
Te Baqi Duniya Johal Hona Ne Jitti Payi Ae

I have vague memories of her face, as I only remember glimpses of it.
Out of everyone, she is the only one I have lost, while the rest of the world has already triumphed.

Khulleyan Valaan Wich Nai Bhulda Kehar Haseena Da
Silky Vaal Te Z-Black Shawl Pashmina Da
Haye Ohnu Tan Koi Khabran Nai Mere Haal Diyan
Ajj Vi Dang’ke Hiq De Utte Liti Payi Ae

I still remember her flowing hair, as she was incredibly beautiful.
Her black hair and Pashmina shawl made a great combination.
She does not know how I am doing.
Even to this day, I am captivated by her beauty.

Dhundle Dhundle Nain Naksh Ohde Chete Ne
Te Baki Soorat Akhan Mooreyon Miti Payi Ae

I can only recall fragments of her face.

Je Samne Aa Gayi Pakki Gal Pehchan Launga
Rabb Di Sohn Na Mud Zindagi Cho Jaan Daunga
Baki Tan Hathan Sab Diyan Lakeeran Ne
Pata Ni Rabb Ne Kihde Lekhin Likhi Payi Ae

"I am confident that if I encounter her, I can identify her.
I promise in God’s name that I will not allow her to depart from my life again.
As for the future, it is up to fate to determine whose life she will be a part of."

Dhundley Dhundley Nain Naksh Ohdey Chetey Ne
Te Baqi Surat Akhan Mureyon Miti Payi Ae

I have vague memories of her face, as I only remember glimpses of it.

Tak Laye Koi Ik Vaar Musibat Pa Sakdi Ae
Heer Ton Sohni Mud Koyi Kidaan Aa Sakdi Ae
Haskke Ik Taan Lutne Takht Hazare Oye
Ajj Di Nayi Oh Rabb Wallon Hi Sikhi Payi Ae

Her gaze is so powerful that it can disrupt one’s peace with just one look.
It’s hard to believe anyone could be more beautiful than Juliet, but she is.
Her enchanting smile could win her kingdoms.
It’s not a skill she learned recently, for it was bestowed upon her by God himself.

Dhundle Dhundle Nain Naksh Ohde Chete Ne
Te Baki Soorat Akhan Mooreyon Miti Payi Ae
Ni Tera Naa’ Haye Ajj Tak Japde Aan
Tu Labdi Naa Thaan-Thaan Te Labne Aan

I can vaguely remember parts of her face, but not the complete image.
I have been chanting your name, my dear, since days of old.
While my search for you has yet to yield any success, I persist in seeking you out.

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The song touches upon the concept of destiny in love. Bunny Johal suggests that who we eventually marry is in the hands of fate. It adds a layer of romantic uncertainty to the narrative, leaving room for listeners to reflect on their experiences of love and destiny.


In essence, “Dhundle Dhundle” is a soulful ode first to love and the everlasting memories associated with it. Bunny Johal’s heartfelt lyrics and passionate delivery make this track a charming addition to Punjabi music. The song’s ability to evoke nostalgia and the nostalgic feelings of a long-lost love is its true strength. It’s a reminder that some love stories remain etched in our hearts forever, even if we can only recall bits and pieces of the past.

Track Name Dhundle Dhundle
Singer(s) Bunny Johal
Lyrics Writer(s) Bunny Johal
Composer(s) Black Virus

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