Dil Mein Ho Tum Lyrics (with Translation) – Cheat India | Aankhon Mein Tum

Read the English translation of the well-known Hindi song “Dil Me Ho Tum Aankhon Mein Tum” from Cheat India Hindi movie.


Chal diya dil tere peeche-peeche, dekhta main reh gaya,
My heart started following you while I just kept watching.
Kuch toh hai tere-mere darmiyan jo an-kaha sa reh gaya,
Certainly, there is something between us which is still untold.

Main jo kabhi keh na sakaa, aaj kehta hu pehli dafaa, haan,
I could never say it, I will say it for the first time,
Dil mein ho tum aankhon mein tum, pehli nazar se hi yaara,
You’re in my heart, in my eyes, dear. From the first sight.

Ye ishq ki hai saazishein, Lo a milay hum dobara
It has been plotted by love that now we meet again.

Dil mein ho tum ankhon mein tum,
Pehlee nazar se hi yara.
In my heart you’re, in my eyes you’re, since the first sight, dear.

Sarphria sa main musafir, paaon kahin thehrein na mere,
Wrongheaded alike lover I am, my feet doesn’t stay at one place,
Phir meri aawargi ko,aane lage khaab tere,
And again my libertinism have been dreaming about you.

Ye pyar bhi kya qaid hai,
Such a a prison love is,
Koyi hona na chaahe rihaa.
Nobody wants to be free from it.

Dil mei ho tum, ankhon mei tum,
Pehli nazar say hi yaara.
Dear, you are in my heart, in my eyes since the first time I saw you.

Oh, yeh ishq ki hai sazishein, lo aa milay hum dobara,
Dil mein ho tum aankhon mein tum,
Pehli nazar se hi yara, pehli nazar se hi yaara.

Tere bin jeeye sare mausam, Berang thay bemaza tha,
The times I have lived without you were uninteresting and unpleasant.
Shamil nahi thi tu jinme, Woh saare pal bewajah,
The times you were not present at, all of them were worthless.

Woh zindagi hai hi nahee, jo maine tere bina jee liya,
It wasn’t much of life a that I have lived already without you.

Dil mein ho tum ankhon mein tum,
Pehli nazar se hi yaara,
Oh dear, You have resided in my heart, in my eyes from the very first moment I saw you.
Oh ye ishq ki hai saazishein, lo aa milay dobara,
Probably, this is destined to be love that we have met again now.

Dil mein ho tum ankhon mein tum, Pehli nazar se hi yaara.

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