Diljit Dosanjh – High End

HIGH END LYRICS from the stylish Singh DILJIT DOSANJH are receiving enormous response from the Punjabi music listeners worldwide. The hip-hop music tune is created by Snappy and direction to music film is from Ben Griffin, while concept is brought by San. The catchy lyrics translation from Diljit’s album Con.Fi.Den.Tial is here. The newly released song “HIGH END” lines meaning in Hindi / English is also available.

Album Name: High End (Confidential)
Artist: Diljit Dosanjh
Lyrics writer: Rav Hanjra
Video Director: Ben Griffin
Music Director: Snappy
Label: T-Series Apna Punjab
Release Date: 21 Feb,2018



Kam mitran de vadde balliye,
Naiyo karde najaij gallan vaddiyan,

Hey Girl, We are known for big things,
Not just simply talk big.

High-end gaddiyan
Dedh sau te shaddiyan
Jatt ne vi nazran haye tere utte gaddiyan.

We have exclusive cars,
Rolling on the speed of 150 km/h,
And yet Jatt/Me is having eyes only on you.

Dagebaazi mitran ne kade vi na kiti
Sada mudd ton hi loyal blood ni
Rambe wale ne ta jind tere naawe laayi
Baaki saariyan nu billo hun shad ni.

We have never betrayed nobody
And our blood has been loyal from the beginning,
I have named my life on you,
Leaving rest of the girls behind.

Oh jeda kare mada kam
Ohda derh dayida cham
Ainve kaawan wangu chugde na haddiyan.

The one who does wrong
We tear away his skin,
Simply don’t snoop over bones like crows.

High End gaddiyan,
150 te shaddiyan
Jatt ne vi nazran haye tere utte gaddiyan.

Exclusive & expensive cars rolling on 150 kilometer per hour
And jatt is having as hard,close look on you.

Pairan wich yeezy
Munda rehnda baala busy
Dil thaggde aa gaddi wale rim ni,
Ajj kal vi Dosanjh’a wala kihde nal phire
Hun Kelly kolon pushdi aa Kylie ni.

Wearing Adidas Yeezy shoes in the feet,
the boy is pretty busy,
The fancy car rims are heart-throbbing
Nowadays Diljit Dosanjh is hanging-out with who?
Now Kim Kardashian asks Kylie Jenner.

Kayi pushdiyan mainu
Main ta chauna bas tainu
Doran dil diyan tere utte shaddiyan.

Many propose me,
But I only chose you,
And have trust you over all of them.

High-end gaddiyan
Dedh sau te shaddiyan
Jatt ne vi nazran haye tere utte gaddiyan.

Exclusive, expensive cars moving of 150 km/h,
While jatt is closely noticing you only.