Dilpreet Dhillon – Pre Wedding

Pre Wedding is a romantic song from trendy singer Dilpreet Dhillon. They newly released tune is created by Desi Crew and it has Punjabi lyrics of Jaggi Sanghera. Galaxy Media did the music video and Speed Records released it globally. If you are looking for meaning of “PRE WEDDING” song by Dilpreet and its translation is available on this page below:


Ho ghare mann gaye ne pehlan sige larhde
Hun darr tu dilan de wichon kadd de,

My family has agreed now, as before they denied it
Now you be carefree about it.

Oh ah sona suneyareyan nu deta ban na
Sona suneyareyan nu deta ban na
Sheti mundri deni main tere paa..

I have ordered gold from goldsmith already,
Soon I would give you the ring.

Meriyan saheliyan nu
Tere yaaran beliyan nu
Aitki dikha deyange viah.

To the friends of mine and yours,
We would invite soon for our marriage.

Hun boht hoyian lokan kolon choriyan
Tere naal photo paungi story’an,

It’s enough of hiding our love from public,
Now I would upload snapchat stories with you,

Ve ajj aage dekh sare kam raas ve
Main ta rabb utte shaddiyan si doriyan,

Today everything is going good,
I had left everything on God.

Hun ve main reejhan sab karun puriyan
Seege dil ch adhoore bade cha..

Now I would fulfill all my wishes
The ones were not satisfied yet.

Meriyan saheliyan nu, Tere yaraan beliyan nu
Etki dikha deyange viyah.

To friends of mine and yours,
We would show marriage of ours this time.

Tu daaj mangeya ni tera dhanwad ve
Saari umar rakhugi jatti yaad ve,

You didn’t demand dowry, thanks a lot,
Whole life I would remember it.

Oh kise munde da subha ni tere warga
Ho tere naal aau jeyon da swad ve,

No other men matches your nature,
I would be interesting to spend rest of my life with you.

Ho mere maape vi hattey ni pishe kise gal ton
maape vi hattey ni pishe kise gal ton
America ton aithe gaye ya aa.

My parents have supported me very well,
They also have come here from America.

Meriyan saheliyan nu
Tere yaaran beliyan nu
Aitki dikha deyange viah.

Ho moore limo pishe kaaliyan ve gaddiyan
Ho wait karu mutiyar chak addiyan,

The limousine at the frond and all black cars behind in the row
The beautiful girl / I would  be waiting desperately for it.

Ho movie banu Jaggi uddne jahaj te
Akhan rehniya shareekan diyan taddiyan.

The video will be shot with drone camera
And opposers would be shocked to see all of it.

Balle-balle hojugi Sanghere waleya,
Ve ‘khaada Dhillon kolon layin tu lawa.

It would be amazing shayar,
You book Dhillon for the live performance.

Meriya saheliya nu
Tere yaara beliya nu
Aitki dakhaa deyange viyah.

Yours and friends of mine would soon see/attend our marriage.



Album Name: Pre Wedding (Punjabi)
Performers: Dilpreet Dhillon
Songwriter: Jaggi Sanghera
Video Director: Galaxy Media
Music Director: Desi Crew
Label: Speed Records
Release Date: 21 Feb,2018