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“Do Jahaan” is a soul-stirring Punjabi song that captures the profound pain of losing someone you love dearly. This emotional ballad resonates deeply with anyone who has experienced the heartache of parting ways with their beloved. Maninder Buttar and Aditya Rikhari’s vocals lend a hauntingly beautiful quality to the song, intensifying its emotional impact.

Do Jahaan Lyrics Meaning Maninder Buttar

The lyrics of “Do Jahaan” are a poetic expression of heartbreak and longing. The imagery of fireflies from two worlds mourning the narrator’s love story is both poignant and evocative. It paints a vivid picture of the profound sorrow that has enveloped the singer’s world since their sweetheart disappeared from their lives.

The plea to the beloved, questioning the kind of dilemma they’ve entangled the narrator in, reflects the confusion and bewilderment that often accompany lost love. The beloved’s affection has cast a spell on the narrator, leaving them hopelessly in love and imprisoned in their emotions.

The sense of aimlessness and desperation in the lyrics is palpable. The narrator is spending their days wandering the streets in search of their beloved’s house, highlighting the disarray that love’s departure can bring. The mention of punishment and not being able to look into the beloved’s eyes again underscores the depth of sorrow and longing.


Do Jahana De Jugnu Sare, Meri Galan Sun Sun Roye Ni,
While listening to my love tale, all the fireflies from two worlds grieved.
Shama Paiyan Mera Yar Gawacha, Fer Umar Sari Asi Soye Nai,
That evening, my love went disappeared, and I haven’t slept since.

Sun Sohni Soorat Waleya, Sanu Kehde Kammi La Leya,
Listen, lovely one, what kind of conundrum have you gotten me into?
Ishqe Da Deke Rog Ve, Pyaran Di Pake Chog Ve,
You’ve made me fall in love by captivating me with your affection.
Sanu Pinjre De Vich Paleya,
You have imprisoned me.

Rul Gaye Rul Gaye, Rah Ghar Da Bhul Gaye,
I’ve been destroyed by love and can’t find my way back home.
Ohdi Galiyan De Vich Moye Ni,
I’m spending my life on the streets trying to get to her house.

Shaman Paiyan Mera Yar Gawacha, Pher Umar Sari Assi Soye Nai,
My love went missing that evening, and I haven’t slept since.

Han Aisi Ton Kabhi Sazayein Na Mili,
I’ve never been punished in such a way before.
Ke Phir Tumse Nigahein Na Mili,
I never got to see you in the eyes again.

Phirte Rahe Dukanon Pe Sabhi,
I went to every medical shop,
Jana Dard Ki Tere Par Dawayein Na Mili,
but I never obtained anything for the sufferings you caused me.

Tere Ishq Ki Jane Jan Bimariyon Ne Mareya Ve,
I’m dying from love.
Ab Bikhre Rahenge Ya Tu Ayega Sawarega Humein,
Now it’s either I stay broke or you come and fix me.

Toote Aise Tere Hoke Jana Phir Hor Kise De Hoye Ni,
I broke so severely after falling in love with you that I never fell in love again.
Shaman Paiyan Mera Yar Gawacha, Pher Umar Sari Assi Soye Nai,
I haven’t slept well since my sweetie vanished that evening.

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The metaphor of visiting medical shops but finding no remedy for the suffering caused by love is particularly striking. It vividly portrays the idea that love can be a kind of affliction, one for which there is no cure. The narrator feels as though they are dying from love, and the only hope for healing is the beloved’s return.

In the closing lines, the narrator reflects on the profound impact of their love and heartbreak. They’ve been broken so severely that they fear falling in love again. It’s a testament to the enduring pain of lost love and the scars it leaves on the heart.

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Do Jahaan Song Details
Title of Song Do Jahaan
Performer Maninder Buttar
Lyric Poet Maninder Buttar, Aditya Rikhari
Music Director Aditya Rikhari

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