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The high-energy dance track “Dolby Walya” adds pulsating momentum to a key fight sequence in the Bollywood film Animal. With vocals by Nagesh Morwekar and an infectious beat produced by composer duo Ajay-Atul, this song amps up the confrontation between leads Ranbir Kapoor and Anil Kapoor’s crews. Its lyrics, urging reckless partying, set the stage for rapidly escalating tempers.

dolby walya animal song lyrics meaning

As Nagesh sings, “It’s time to celebrate; let’s head to the square, my buddy,” his spirited delivery fits the scene’s tension-building visuals. With each defiant refrain, the bravado gains volatility, foreshadowing the violence waiting to erupt. The song’s escalating aggression makes the eventual face-off feel like an explosive release.

Beyond perfectly complementing on-screen events, “Dolby Walya” works wonders as a stand-alone party anthem. For the Marathi-impaired, the English translation sheds light on lyrics celebrating intoxicated dancing and DJ sets. Understanding these specific references allows one to appreciate better how the song’s tone shifts from festive to confrontational alongside the scene’s unfolding drama.


Porr Jamali Yeshivarati, Charcha Boring Zaali,
The discussion is getting dull.
Chal Re Bhaavadya Party La Mag Paaravarati Aali
It’s time to celebrate, let’s head to the square, my buddy.

Tapari Maage Rachali Quarter,
There are drinks hidden, come on, let’s get rowdy.
Bhaavadya La Mag Basala Starter,
Brother, grab some appetizers, too.
Chal Re Pintya Mitavu Aapalya,Disko Dancing Khaajela
Pintya, it’s time for crazy disco dancing, me and you.

Dolby Walya Bolaav Mazya Dj La (Dj La)
Hey Dolby-guy, call for the DJ.
Dolby Walya Bolaav Mazya Dj La (Dj La)
Hey Dolby-guy, call for the DJ.

Voice It Up One Time.
Bounce The Music I Am A Get All-Round.
Heat It Up On Beat Up The Sound.

Arr Varhadi Nasun Varaati Madhi Ha Ghusato Nachaaya,

Ann Zingun Zingun Nachala Ha Nisat Laagude Vajaaya,

Aala Miravanukit Bhaavadya, Kadhi Dandiya Kheltuya Bhaavadya,

Handi Fodaaya Var Govinda, Khali Nachun Ghetoy Bhaavadya
When the pot is broken, Govinda dances down, brother.

Tanga Palati Sutale Ghode, Pant Faatun Tutale Jode,
Horses overturned, pants torn and shoes broken
Girakya Gheto Karun Sadara Deto Sodun Laajela,
Sadara takes the bike, gives it and leaves Lajela

Dolby Walya Bolaav Mazya Dj La (Dj La)
Hey Dolby-guy, call for the DJ.
Dolby Walya Bolaav Mazya Dj La (Dj La)
Hey Dolby-guy, call for the DJ.

Khetun Khetun Lavto Item
He keeps playing peppy songs.
Bhaavadya Bharun Galaas Karato Khallas Top To Bottom
Brother fills his glass and goes bottoms up once more.

Aala Recharge Maarun Bhaavadya
He is recharged and ready feeling the dance floor.
Kasa Lejhim Khelato Bhaavadya
Now he’s playing ‘lazim’ with great zest.

Basla Kadala Damun Pintya
Pintya sits tired, needing some rest.
Tyala Khechun Vadhtoy Bhaavadya
But brother pulls him back, doesn’t let him go.

Laath Ghalun Mhanatoy Sorry
Pintya Darling Apli Yaari
He kicked him then…
Dhola Dang Tasha Jaisa
Apala Hay Ek Dujela
We are meant to be together.

Dolby Walya Bolaav Mazya Dj La (Dj La)
Hey Dolby-guy, call for the DJ.
Dolby Walya Bolaav Mazya Dj La (Dj La)
Hey Dolby-guy, call for the DJ.

So whether enhancing the viewing experience or firing up off-screen gatherings, “Dolby Walya” delivers high-energy entertainment. Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga employs the track insightfully to telegraph the swelling conflict in Animal through its increasing intensity. Here’s hoping the film features a more sharp utilization of music in service of nuanced storytelling.


Title Dolby Walya
Movie Animal/Jaundya Na Balasaheb
Singer(s) Nagesh Morwekar, Earl Edgar (Rapper)
Lyrics Writer(s) Ajay–Atul
Music Composer(s) Ajay-Atul
Actor(s) Girish Kulkarni [in Jaundya Na Balasaheb], Ranbir Kapoor [in Animal]

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