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Vishal Mishra and Dino James infuse “Door Aa Gaye” with aching vulnerability through their versatile vocals and reflective lyrics, navigating the greys of a relationship’s decline. Though the music video depicts both singers, a profound sensitivity characterizes this pop ballad, tracing the inevitable drifts and clingy denial permeating dying bonds.

Door Aa Gaye Lyrics English Translation Vishal Mishra Dino James

Imaginative verses like “You became a habit I can never break” capture the attachment underlying even strained ties. At the same time, metaphors like “worrying to lose you felt like digging my grave” reflect the hollowness pervading affected minds. Over subtle guitar strains, Mishra and James’ contrasting textures brim with earnestness and longing.

As their alternating verses seamlessly fuse, there is remarkable candour in lines acknowledging residual feelings despite escalated conflicts: “My heart wants revenge, yet I forgive you.” It depicts the ductility of emotions once egos and impatience harden intimacy. This song provides comfort for audiences dealing with fraying relationships through its sensitivity.


Dil Bhar Jaata Hai Sochun Jab Bhi Baatein Teri Jaana
When I think of you, my heart overflows with joy.
Woh Dekhte Rehna Chehra Tera Aankhon Mein Kho Jaana
Keep staring at your face, immersed in your gaze.

Kya Paagalpan Tha Sochna Woh Na Jaayegi
What a foolish thought to assume she won’t go.
Aadat Hoon Main Na Mujhe Bhool Paayegi
I am a habit you will never be able to break.
Sajna Door Aa Gaye, Kitne Door Aa Gaye
We’ve come a long way, sweetheart. So far, we’ve come.

Chalte The Saath Mein Ab Tu Mere Saath Nahi
We used to stroll together, but now you aren’t with me every day.
Daily Tu Jeet’ti Thi Par Beta Aaj Nahi
You used to win, but not today, sweetheart.

Khone Ka Dar Tha Tabhi Sab Main Seh Raha Tha
I endured because I was frightened of losing you.
Bolna Tha Kaafi Karne Deti Baat Nahi
I had a lot to say, but you didn’t let me.

Hum Halke The Tabhi Yeh Rishta Lagne Laga Heavy
We were light then, but our relationship began to seem weighty.
Main Toh Tadpunga Par Tere Ko Nahi Pata Chalega Kabhi
You will never know how much I suffer.

Meri Aadat Hai Tu Jaate Jaate Jaayegi Yeh Habit
You are my habit, and this habit will be broken.
Aise Mind Games Ke Liye James Nahi Tha Kabhi Ready
James was never prepared for such psychological tricks.

Jab Kare Baatein Shuru Teri Baatein Fizool, Par Saath Hai Guroor Halka
When you start talking, your words are meaningless, but your ego is constantly with you.
The Saare Aadhe Kasoor Par Teri Baatein Hai Rude, Tere Saanche Mein Hoon Palta
It is partly your fault, but your words are rude, and I’m becoming more like you.

Yeh Saala Khone Ka Dar, Khud Hi Khode Kabar, Mera Low Phase Chale Din Raat
Worrying that I might lose you was like excavating my tomb. My low phase lasts all day and all night.
Yeh Chhote Mote Hurdle Aaj Honge Na Kal, Tu Mujhe Khoje Par Main Na Milta
These little obstacles will either end today or tomorrow. You would look for me but would need help finding me.

Sajna Door Aa Gaye,
We’ve come a long way, sweetheart.
Kitne Door Aa Gaye
So far, we’ve come.

Bikhri Hai Bikhri Hai, Bikhri Hui Hai Har Baat Yahan Pe Bas
There are misunderstandings about everything here.
Dikh Rahi Hai Dikh Rahi Hai, Dikh Rahi Hai Tu Hi Din Raat
I see you all the time, day and night.

Tujhe Na Pehchana Kyun, Na Sach Tera Jaana Kyun
Why didn’t I identify you or recognize your actual character?
Ghalat Fehmi Thi Tu Meri, Tha Main Anjana Kyun
I misinterpreted you. What was I thinking?

Bolo Aise Toda Kyun Mujhe Kab Batayegi
When will you tell me why you broke me like this?
Aadat Hoon Main Na Mujhe Bhool Paayegi
I am a habit you will never be able to break.
Sajna Door Aa Gaye
My darling, we have gone a long way.

Khone Ko Kuchh Yaadein Hai Paane Ko Hai Jahaan
I have nothing to lose except your memories, and everything to gain.
Bhale Tu Mere Aage Hai Dekh Peechhe Nahi Main Jaan
Don’t glance behind me, sweetie, even if you’re ahead of me.

Tere Liye Main Badla Kyun Pata Hi Na Chala
I had no idea why I had changed for you.
Mann Kahe Saala Badla Loon Ja Chhoda Tujhe Ja
My heart yearns for vengeance against you, yet I forgive you.

Sajna Door Aa Gaye,
We’ve come a long way, sweetheart.
Kitne Door Aa Gaye
So far, we’ve come.

The translation helps elucidate specific couplets alienating unfamiliar listeners, revealing the remarkable economy of phrases like “words meaningless, just your ego constant,” encapsulating communication entropy. It enables broader connections with the track’s delicate emotional resonance beyond linguistic barriers.


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Track Name Door Aa Gaye
Singer(s) Dino James, Vishal Mishra
Lyrics Writer(s) Vishal Mishra, Dino James
Composer(s) Vishal Mishra

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