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The Hindi rap song “Duvidha Lyrics Meaning” by Lucke is an emotionally charged track that explores Lord Krishna’s struggles. It’s a powerful reminder that even divine beings like Krishna had to endure hardships and challenges, highlighting the significance of staying true to one’s dharma and never giving up.

Duvidha Lyrics English Meaning Lucke
Title Duvidha
Vocalist(s) lucke
Lyricist(s) Lucke
Producer(s) Mitwan Soni

Lucke Hindi rapper Duvidha’s song, through translated Hindi lyrics, narrates the story of Krishna’s journey, from being born in jail to witnessing tragic events in his life. It highlights various significant events and characters from Hindu mythology. Despite the adversities, Krishna remained committed to upholding dharma. The song also portrays Krishna’s disillusionment and sorrow, humanizing his character.


Dukh Shuru They Mere Janam Se Pehle,
Janam Se Pehle Meri Maut Intezar Mein,

My sorrow started before I was born, and death awaited me even before my first breath.
Kaise Kahun Kahaniyan,
Ab Suno Poori Lambi Qatar Mein,

I have a long and winding tale, but how can I share it with you?

Janam Hua Mera Jail Mein,
Ma Bap Ka Cehra Maine Dekha Nhi,

I was born in jail and never saw my parents’ faces.
Roti Rhi Ma Devaki, Judai Mili Muje Bhent Mein,
My mother, Devaki, cried when I was separated from her.

Mama Se Mila Uphar Ye, Mere Mat Pita Lachar They,
And my uncle was responsible for this. My parents were powerless to stop it.
6 Bhaiyo Ko Mara Samne,
Aansu They Ma Ki Aankhon Mein,

Six of my brothers were killed in front of her while my mother wept.

Vese Toh Tha Bhagwan Main, Ajeeb Sa Ye Khel Hai,
I was born into this peculiar game of destiny, a God.
Mere Mat Pita Mere Devta, Vo Dono Hi They Jail Mein,
My gods, my parents, were both behind bars.

Kartavya Mile Mujhe Janam Se,
Bachpan Beeta Sangharsh Mein,

I was born with a sense of duty and struggled throughout my youth.
Jis Ma Ne Pala Posha Muje,
Uss Se Bhi Ho Gaya Door Mein,

My mother, who reared me, and I were also separated.

Vidhi Ka Kya Vidhan Tha,
Kya Lekh Likha Tha Karmo Ka,

Everything that happened to me was fate’s decree, written by karma.
Tum Theek Se Ro Toh Lete Ho,
Me Ro Bhi Na Paya Chain Se,

You cry freely, whereas I couldn’t even grieve in peace.

Kehne Ko Toh Me Sabkuch Tha,
Me Raja Bhi Me Rank Bhi,

I had it all: I was both a king and a poor.
Kastho Se Bhara Tha Jeevan Mera,
Dukho Ka Mere Ant Ni,

My life was fraught with struggles and endless misery.

Khel Kood Ki Umar Mein,
Kartavya Mere Anek They,

In the era of games and laughing, I had many responsibilities.
Chudwana Tha Mere Mat Pita Ko,
Kai Barso Se Kaid They,

I had to release my parents, who had been in captivity for years.

Dharam Ke Chalte Karm Se,
Vo Vrindhawan Bhi Chod Diya,

I left Vrindavan for the cause of dharma.
Mathura Ki Unn Galiyo Se Bhi,
Apna Daman Mod Liya,

From the streets of Mathura, I turned away.

Vrindavan Ke Sath Sath,
Kismat Bhi Meri Rooth Gayi,

Along with Vrindavan, destiny also turned against me.
Prano Se Bhi Priy Meri,
Wo Radha Rani Chooth Gayi,

My lovely Radha Rani was gone to me.

Bansuri Ko Bhi Tyag Diya,
Sab Chod Chad Ke Door Gaya,

He abandoned everything, even his flute.
Sudarshan Dharan Krke Kanha,
Dhun Murli Ki Bhool Gaya,

Krishna forgot the flute tune while holding Sudarshan in his hand.

Dharam Bachane Ki Khatir Ab,
Hastinapur Ko Laut Gaya Mein,

I left everything behind and went to Hastinapur to save Dharma.
Makhan Chori Karta Tha Kabhi,
Nyaydheesh Ab Ban Gaya,

I used to steal butter, but now I have become a judge.

Samay Ka Chakra Ajeeb Tha,
Main Jeetke Bhi Har Gaya,

I had an odd experience with the wheel of time, winning and losing.
Dharam Bachane Wale Ko,
Duniya Ne Kapti Bata Diya,

I am the rescuer of dharma, yet the world calls me deceptive.

Tarah-Tarah Ke Shrap Mile,
Ashru Ki Boonde Sookh Gayi,

I got several curses and my tears dried up.
Ma Gandhari Ke Shrap Se,
Meri Dwarika Nagri Doob Gayi,

The curse of Gandhari led to the sinking of my city, Dwarka.

Meri Bansuri Bhi Choot Gayi,
Meri Dwarika Bhi Doob Gayi,

I also lost my flute and Dwarka.
Maine Kya Hi Paya Jeevan Se,
Jab Premika Hi Door Gayi,

What did I acquire in life after losing my beloved?

Vishram Karne Leta Tha Main
Teer Pair Mein Aa Lagi,

I sought slumber, but an arrow struck my foot.
Tum Jeete Zindgi Chain Se,
Muje Maut Chain Se Na Mili,

You lived happily, but I never found peace in death.

Manav Ke Iss Roop Mein,
Maine Jane Kya Kya Dekha,

In this human body, what have I witnessed?
Mere Vansh Ka Patan Dekha,
Barbrik Ka Mastak Dekha,

I saw the downfall of my dynasty and the demise of Barbarik.
Draupadi Ka Cheerharan,
Abhimanyu Ka Akal Maran,

The disrobing of Draupadi and the premature death of Abhimanyu.
Kurukshetra Ki Uss Bhoomi Mein,
Bhari Bharkam Vidhvansh Dekha,

I saw widespread damage in Kurukshetra.

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“Duvidha Mere Krishan Ki” is a rap song that challenges traditional beliefs and portrays divine figures in a more human light. It encourages listeners to reflect on the realities behind the sacred stories, appreciate the resilience and determination of figures like Krishna, and uphold righteousness and dharma.

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