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The Tamil song “En Rant Ah Konjam Kelu” is a heartfelt expression of inner turmoil and longing for solace. Below are the translated lyrics of this song for your convenience. The song, which features vocals from Vaisagh and Pranav Muniraj and lyrics by Vignesh Srikanth and Vaisagh, explores themes of isolation, grief, and the battle for mental health.

En Rant Ah Konjam Kelu Lyrics Translation Vaisagh Pranav Muniraj

Vaisagh’s En Rant Ah Konjam Kelu song lyrics showcase emotional distress and vulnerability, while exploring personal struggles, including feelings of inadequacy, disappointment, and the inability to find solace. Despite the darkness, there is a glimmer of hope in the acknowledgment of resilience and the possibility of healing.


Mananilai Mallaka Kidakudhu Nanba
My state of mind is withering away, my friend
En Thinanilai Thalladi Thavikudhu Nanba
My consciousness is wavering and suffering, my friend

Illadha Sogam Ellam Koodi Vandhu
When all the non-existent sorrows gather and climb onto my ears and happen
Kadhu Mela Eri Seium Podhu, Polladha Kadhal Gaji Carrier Kadamai
My imperfect love, my duty as a carrier have found no loading or unloading here

Edhuvum Ingu Etram Kandidadhu, Nan Polamba Vandhu Nikkuran En Rant Ah Konjam Kelu
I stand here wilted, Listen to my rant a little
Manam Kolambi Vandhu Nikkuran En Rant Ah Konjam Kelu
I stand here with a wilted heart, Listen to my rant a little

Nenju Nerambi Vandhu Nikkuren En Soga Kadhai Ah Kelu
I stand here with a filled chest, Listen to my sad story
Vizhi Thalumbi Vandhu Nikkuren En Rant Ah Konjam Kelu
I stand here with swollen eyes, listen to my rant a little

Chinna Sogam Periya Sogam Edhuvum Inga Illa
No small or big sorrow exists here
Blessing Ellam Enna Sonna Ennatha Nan Solla
What blessing do I say, What do I say

Manasumulukka Irukum Valikku Mathirai Eh Illa
There are no pills for the pain that fills my heart completely
Thedi Pathu Therapy Poga Thembum Inga Illa
There is no courage here to search and go to therapy

Patu Salichadhu Padamum Salichadhu
The song is boring, and the movie is boring
Pon-Um Salichadhu Banamum Salichadhu
Po_n is boring, and the drink is boring

Nethum Salichadhu Nilavum Salichadhu
Yesterday is boring, the moonlight is boring
Kathum Salichadhu Kadhalum Salichadhu
Waiting is boring, love is boring

En Kavala Maraya Kavidha Sonnen Pata Kelu Nanba
I said poetry to hide my exhaustion, Listen to my song, my friend
En Kaneer Kadhaiya Kalandhu Solran Concern Katu Nanba
I say, mingling with my tears, show concern, my friend

En Sethari Kedakum Selflove Ellam Sirikkudhada Nanba
Laugh at my scattered self-love, my friend.
En Malungi Pona Mental Health Ill Mazhaya Oothu Nanba
Pour rain on my drowned mental health, my friend

Orunal Azhudha Sogam Theeruma
Will the sorrow go away if I cry one day
Unnapola Manushanukku Oversharing Aguma
Can there be oversharing for a person like you

Tragedy Illa Art Inga Edhuma
Is there any art without tragedy here
Heartbreak Il Valarndhidatha Jordan Inga Yaruma
Is there anyone like Jordan who grew up with heartbreak here

Trigger Aagidama Pathuko Safespace Onna Sethuko
Get into a safe space without getting triggered
One Day At A Time Nu Unna Neyae Thethiko
Praise yourself taking one day at a time

Andha Nyabagatha Podhachuko, Nalum Pozhudhum Sirichuko
Suppress those memories, smile day and night
Ithanaium Thandi Vandha, Innum Enna Thodachuko
If we’ve crossed all this, then what’s left to touch

Azhudha Aarathadhu Edhuvum Illa Nanba
There’s nothing else to worship if you cry, my friend
Athanaikum Piragu Oru Po Pookume Nanba
After all that, a flower will bloom, my friend

Self Harm Seivadhellam Sitrinbama Nanba
All self-harm is petty pleasure, my friend
Survive Senju Katu Subtle Ah Nee Nanba
Show subtly that you’ve survived, my friend

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The song “En Rant Ah Konjam Kelu” by Vaisagh is a musically and lyrically encapsulated representation of the complex and nuanced emotions involved in navigating inner conflicts and seeking emotional resolution. It emphasizes the significance of empathy, self-nurturing, and interpersonal bonds in effectively coping with and surmounting challenging situations.

Song Credits
Title En Rant Ah Konjam Kelu
Singer(s) Vaisagh, Pranav Muniraj
Lyrics Writer(s) Vignesh Srikanth
Composer(s) Vaisagh
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