Ennum En Kaaval Neeye Lyrics (Meaning): Kaathal – The Core | K.S. Chithra | G. Venugopal

K.S. Chithra and G. Venugopal’s mellow vocals and Anwar Ali’s poetic lyrics beautifully bring “Ennum En Kaaval Neeye” to life as a serene ode to eternal love. This musical track celebrates everlasting devotion through vivid imagery and a sublime composition by Matthews Pulickan.

Ennum En Kaaval Neeye Lyrics (Meaning) Kaathal The Core

Chithra and Venugopal infuse the thoughtful lyrics with stirring emotion through their smooth, complementing voices. When they sing “Enthoram Dhoore, Ennalum Chare Ennalum,” the earnest yearning in their tender delivery stirs the heart. The tranquil piano and guitar instrumentation create a gentle, dreamy mood.

At the core of the songbird is Anwar Ali’s imaginative poetry that paints love as an unwavering beacon despite distance through striking metaphors: “You are the bird, I am the tree far yet close.” The verse “Our memories are birds nesting in the branches” encapsulates enduring affection beautifully. Each lyrical phrase has an innate musicality, elevating the soothing aura.


Ennum En Kaval Neeye, Enthoram Dhoore,
As the guardian of my forever, you stay afar,
Ennalum Chare Ennalum,
but close to me. Forever and ever…

Anpaleyennakamerivu Pon, Chirake Ninakkayi Neeye,
My soul, with all my love, yearns for you. O’ the wings of my desires… You…
En Shikarangal Thorum, Muzhangunnu Pakshee, Vanavum Venmeghavum, Kadannupoku Nee,
You echo within the branches of my life, O, dear birdie. Crossing skies and silvery clouds, you.
Ananthamam Vihayassil Parannuparu Nee,
Soar up in the endless ethers of love, O beloved.

Neeye Ennum En Chekka Enthoram, Dhooram Ponnalum Chille,
You stand as a haven for me forever. How far ever I go, My dearest branch, my home.
Ennalum Anpaleyen Chirakalanjeedum, Marame Ninakkayi Njaney,
Forever, my wings will forever covet for you; my cherished tree I am…

Chankurukunna Snehal Akalunna Pakshee,
I am the bird, parting from you; with love that sears my soul.
En Kavale En Kanale, Akannu Pokilum Kannethidum,
O, my keeper… My warmth… How far ever I go
Vihayassay Arikilundu Njan,
In your eternal sky, just a gaze away I am here for you

Pinnil Vittupponna Kombil, Ormappakshikal Chekkeri,
On the branches we left behind perched are the birds of memories
Niraye Kunuchullikoottil Ninnu, Mayakkinavin Kunjungal Viriye,
In abundance! From the little nests, the nestlings of dreams hatch.

Uyiray Udalay, En Ormappakshikal Chekkeri Niraye,
As souls and beings, perched are my birds of memories in abundance!
Uyiray Udalay En Mayakkinavin Kunjungal Viriye,
Broods of my mystic dreams take life and form.

Lokamempadum Onnayi Kinavil, Veedu Ente Nadu Enna Bedham Poyi,
The world became one in dreams transcending differences, above and beyond.
Snehamenna Thee Alum Kinavil, Kathitheera Tharakangalalle Nammal,
We, a tandem of fervent stars, eternally ablaze in the dream of love.

En Kathake En Janale Pon Kanave,
O, my door, my window, my blissful dream…
Kan Thurakku Kan Thurakku Venpakalay,
Open your eyes to the jovial day

Ennuyire Ennudale En Maname,
O, my soul, my body, my serene heart…
Chirakarnnu Chitham Pole Charikku,
Spread your wings and soar to your fullest

Ennum En Kaval Neeye,
You are my core, my heart forever
Enthoram Dhoore, Ennalum Chare Ennalum,
You stay afar but close to me forever…

Anapaleyen Chirakalanjeedum, Marame Ninakkayi Neeye,
My wings will forever covet for you. My cherished tree… You…
En Shikarangal Thorum, Muzhangunnu Pakshee,
You echo within the branches of my life, O birdie

En Kathale Ennomale, Parannuyarnnu Po,
O, my heart… My beloved… Rise up high…
Ananthamam Vihayasil Uyarnnuyarnnu Po,
Soar in the endless ethers of love

Director Jeo Baby’s lyrical video realizes the timeless essence of the song by capturing stills of Mammootty and Jyothika’s on-screen bond. Their affectionate glances mirror the lyrics’ depth. From the harmonious vocals to Ali’s rich poetry, “Ennum En Kaaval Neeye” makes for a profound listening experience celebrating eternal love’s comforting constancy.


The English translation helps non-Malayalam listeners fully absorb the essence of Anwar Ali’s layered metaphors and sublime imagery. It reveals the intricacy of lines like “spread your wings and fly,” which compare the lover to a guiding light. This ode to everlasting love can now move audiences worldwide who are unfamiliar with the language thanks to the translation’s lyrical beauty.

Title Ennum En Kaaval Neeye
Movie Kaathal – The Core
Singer(s) G. Venugopal, K. S. Chithra
Lyrics Writer(s) Anwar Ali
Music Composer(s) Mathews Pulickan
Actor(s) Jyothika, Mammootty