Enthe Mulle Lyrics – Kamala (Film) | Aju Varghese

Lyrics for ‘Enthe Mulle Song’ from Malayalam film ‘Kamala’ of Aju Varghese & Ruhani Sharma. Mithun Jayaraj sings, Anand Madhusoodanan composes Enthe Mulle lyrics and Ranjith Sankar shoots the music film from the movie, Dreams N Beyond is the banner which releases the promising track.

Enthe Mulle lyrics Kamala

Song Name: Enthe Mulle (Malayalam)
Movie Name: Kamala (2019)
Singer(s): Mithun Jayaraj
Lyrics Writer(s): Anand Madhusoodanan
Music Director(s): Anand Madhusoodanan
Video Director(s): Ranjith Sankar
Actor(s): Aju Varghese, Ruhani Sharma, Anoop Menon, Biju Sopanam
Record Label: DREAMS N BEYOND (YouTube)

Kamala film’s just released Malayalam song Enthe Mulle has film direction from Ranjith Sankar and stars Aju Varghese with Ruhani Sharma in music video. Anand Madhusoodanan is the vocalist who lent his voice for its lyrics and also composed them.


Enthe Mulley, Nee Veluthathenthey,
Meyil Vettam Veenappozho,

Enthe Mulle, Nee Veluthathenthe,
Meyyil Vettam Veenappozho,

Njan Ninney Thottal,
Nee Karuthu Povo,
Nee Enne Thottal,
Njan Veluthathaavo,
Ennal Njan Onnu,
Thottottey Mulle Thottottey,

Hmm! Hmm! Aha! Oho! Aa!

Aduthu Vanney, Sora Paranjey,
Ullil Ninakkaye Kothi Niranje,

Aduthu Vanne, Sora Paranje,
Ullil Ninakkaaye Kothi Niranjey,

Aarum Kaanathey, Aarum Ariyathey,
Mulle Ninne Thottotte,
Pottichirikkathe Nillu Penney,
Aiyo Pottichirikkathe Nillu Penne,

Hmm! Hmm! Aha! Oho! Aa!

[Instrumental Break]

Enthe Mulle, Enthey Mulley,
Enthe Mulle, Nee Veluthathenthe,
Meyil Vettam Vinappozho,

Njan Ninne Thottal, Nee Karuthu Powo,
Nee Enne Thottal, Njan Veluthathawo,
Ennal Njan Onnu, Thottotte Mulle Thottottey, Hey!

Watch music video for ‘Enthe Mulle’ by Ranjith Sankar, Aju Varghese, Ruhani Sharma & Anand Madhusoodanan from Kamala Malayalam movie.
Apart from the crew who did wonderful job in playing instrumentals are as Rajesh Cherthala for flute & clarinet, Liboy Praisley played guitars, Nidhin Raj & Swarna Vinayan have lent backing vocals and the track has been recorded by Anand’s Ah Studio, My Studio. Shiyad Kabeer is the music engineer who mixed and mastered the final track music.