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‘Farq Hai’ is a soul-stirring Urdu song that dives deep into the complexities of human emotions. This song by Suzonn is a sincere reflection on the differences in a relationship.

Farq Hai Lyrics Meaning Suzonn

The lyrics, penned by Suzonn himself, are a poignant expression of the distinctions and disparities that can arise between two individuals, even in the closest of bonds. The symbolic imagery of land and sky beautifully illustrates the contrast between the two, symbolizing the inherent differences that make them unique.

The translation of ‘Farq Hai’ allows you to delve into the depths of these emotions. It highlights the lyrics’ essence, emphasizing each person’s uniqueness and the sometimes challenging but beautiful aspects of coexisting with those distinctions.


Main Zameen Tu Asman
If I’m the ground, you’re the sky.
Aur Adhuri Dastan
Our story is unfinished.
Nate Kaise Jude
How did our friendship come to be?

Tu Resham Si Pari
You are an angel as lovely as silk.
Mujhme Kya Hai Sadgi
Do you find me too simple?
Raste Mude Huwe
Our paths diverge.

Hum Tum Alag Hai
We are both distinct from one another.
Farq Hai Farq Hai Farq Hai
There is a distinction between us. There are distinctions between us.

Arz Main Tu Falak Hai
If I am land, you are sky.
Farq Hai Farq Hai Farq Hai
There are undoubtedly distinctions between us. There are differences between us.

Naz Tu Muzeer Main
I am the guilt if you are the pride.
Zid Pe Ab Lakeer Hai
My stubbornness has finally been curtailed.
Beyhadh Hai Fasle
There are infinite differences between us.

Main Shamat Ka Nishan
I am a symbol of bad luck.
Tujhpe Unko Hai Guman
Everyone is proud of you.
Duniya Mujhko Sahe
The rest of the world tolerates me.

Main Mohtaj Tu Dhadak Hai
You are the ‘heartbeat,’ and I am the one who needs it.
Farq Hai Farq Hai Farq Hai
There are distinctions between us. There are disparities between us.

Main Berang Tu Chamak Hai
I am colorless, and you are the lovely radiance.
Farq Hai Farq Hai Farq Hai
The two of us are not the same. We are not the same.

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‘Farq Hai’ is not just a song; it’s a profound exploration of human relationships. Whether you understand Urdu or not, the translation brings out the essence of the lyrics, making it relatable to anyone who has navigated the complexities of love, friendship, or any form of connection.
Take a moment to explore the translation of ‘Farq Hai. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the beauty of individuality and the intricate tapestry of emotions that define our relationships. ‘Farq Hai’ is a song that invites you to ponder, feel, and appreciate the depth of human connections.”

Farq Hai Song Details
Track Name Farq Hai
Vocalist Suzonn
Lyricist Suzonn
Instrumentalist Suzonn

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