Gallan Nahi Changiyan Lyrics – Goldboy

GALLAN NAHI CHANGIYAN LYRICS FROM GOLDBOY: The most loving Punjabi anthems maker “Goldboy” is back with his new romantic track tited as “Eh Gallan Nahi Changiyan.” He created music for the tune as well as composed and lent his magnificent voice for it.

Gallan Nahi Changiyan song Goldboy

The lyrics of song are satisfactory and penned from the hands of one and only Nirmaan. Original music video of his Punjabi track will also be out soon starring Gold Boy and others.


Kade taan
Ve tuvi ehsaas karaa
Chauna aein
Jina main tainu chauni aan,

Kade taan ve tu vi mere tarle pa
Jina main haye tainu manauni aan.

O my beloved, Make me feel sometime
That you love me the much I do
O my darling, Do appeal it to me sometime
The much I exhort you.

Eh gal teri theek nahi
Eh bas mere teek nahi
Tera vi kujh ban da ae
Ve das ki ‘ne tangiyan ?

This habit of you is not right at all
And it’s not just up to me
Something is going with you
Tell me what’s bothering you ?

Eh gallan naiyo changiyan -x8.

These things in you are not good.

Kini vaari pusheya main tainu
Tu sach kade daseya hi nahi,

Gallan kare nazran luka ke
Tu akh wich takkeya hi nahi,

Tere bina saambhu hun kaun mainu
Disda na kujh hun hor mainu,

Meri kedi haini das lod tainu
Main tere rang wich rangi aan.

So many times I have asked you
But you never told me the truth
You never make eye contact while talking to me
Who would take care for me ?
I can’t see nothing without you
You also need me as well
I’m colored in your love.

Eh gallan nahiyo changiyan -x8.

All these things in you are not good at all.