Garry Sandhu – Ola Ola

Ola Ola is a newly released song of Garry Sandhu. The artist jotted down the Punjabi lyrics, lent his voice and even directed the music video also. Intense is producer of music tone.


Jiwein daru de wich cola
Shehar ch tera raula,

Jiwe daaru de wich cola
Ainve shehar ch tera raula,

Haye tu pariyan ton sohni.

Ola ola ola, ola ola ola
Tu pariyan ton sohni….

Bombay ton laike delhi
Oye saari duniya hilli -x2.

Sab jagah tera hungama
Har gali ch tera raula..

Ola ola ola, ola ola ola
Tu pariyan ton sohni.

Har shehar ch tera raola
Shehar ch tera raola
Kudiye shehar ch tera raola.

Patla jeya lak mera lakhan jhoote maarda -x2,
Sun di aan jadon gaana beat soneya
Ve fer mallo-malli hillde ve
Mallo-malli hillde ne feet haaniya,
Ve fer mallo-malli hillde ne feet haaniya.

Lagda garry sandhu di cheli
Taiyon gym jandi aa daily… -x2.

Fit paundi aa jean’an
Tahiyon loki paunde aa raula.

Ola ola ola, ola ola ola
Tu pariyan ton sohni.

Har shehar ch tera raola-x2,
Kudiye shehar ch tera raola.

The title of Punjabi song “Ola Ola” doesn’t hold a specific meaning. Basically this song is inspired from the world chartbuster a Portuguese track “Bum Bum Tam Tam” performed by Brazilian songster MC Fioti. Garry Sandhu was tuning to this song with his buddy songmaker Intense (an Australian music producer). Garry simply tried to rhyme  song stanza in Punjabi as “OLA OLA” and shared it to his Snapchat stories as fun. Majority of his fans seemed to like it, then finally they finished the Punjabi version of song with  self-shot music video by Garry Sandhu, released on his music label Fresh Media Records.

Here you can listen to the source song titled as Bum Bum Tam Tam (KondZilla)