Goat Shit Lyrics English Translation: King | Karma

“Goat Shit Lyrics Translation” is a Hindi rap track performed by King and Karma. The song features bold lyrics and infectious beats, showcasing both artists’ vocal and lyrical prowess. It has gained attention online for its unique blend of rap and contemporary music elements, sparking discussions among listeners. The track was produced by Ukato and directed by Mohitfornow.

Goat Shit Lyrics English Translation King Karma
Title Goat Shit
Vocalist(s) KING, Karma
Lyricist(s) King, Karma
Producer(s) Ukato

“Goat Shit lyrics” delve into themes of ambition, success, and individuality. King and Karma paints a vivid picture of a fast-paced lifestyle filled with hustle and determination. The song’s energetic vibe and fusion of traditional Hindi music elements with modern rap beats create a captivating sonic landscape.


Yeah Kaafi Tez Car Chale, Mera Karobaar Chale
My business moves swiftly, akin to a fast-paced car,
Kaafi Jyada Bheed Lagi Bande Sare Bahar Khade
A crowd gathers as I stand outside, amidst the throng,
Sabko Bukhar Chadhhe Market Ke Kaan Khade
Fever spreads among the market’s ears,
Monopoly Moves Aur Feature Mein Star Bade
Monopoly manoeuvres and prominent features,
Chehre Pe Scar Pade Phoneon Pe Taiyaar Khade
Scars adorn faces, readiness evident on phones,
Mere Liye Andar Hai Woh Tabhi Raja Bahar Khade
The inner mastery I possess elevates me as I stand outside, a reigning figure,
Koi Na Lagam Lage Rukne Pe Jaam Lage
No reins hinder, a toast upon halting, the ambience akin to a celebration,
White Collar Sabke Par Do Numbri Kaam Lage
White-collar excellence prevails, and each task is executed with precision.

Yeah Ye Line-ein Ab Nahi Free Ki
These lines are no longer offered for free,
Ye Janna Chahte Kahan Se Sikhi
Curious minds seek to discern their origin,
Tarkeebеin Nahi Paa Rahe Pakad Mera
Strategies struggle to grasp my essence,
Blueprint Mainе Banaya 3d
I’ve crafted a three-dimensional blueprint,
They Cant Afford They Wont Believe Me
They cannot afford nor comprehend,
I’m A Genius Yet I’m So Freaky
Though a genius, I’m perceived as eccentric,
She Callin’ Me Seedha Dubai Se
She beckons me directly from Dubai,
Kehri Intezar Ho Raha Aa Jao Habibi
Waiting eagerly, she calls out, “Come, my beloved.”

Woh Call Pe Kar Rahi Thi Hehe
She was talking and laughing over phone.
Woh Waise Bhi Bandi Kisi Ki
She belongs to no one but herself,
Woh Dekhti Khwaabon Mein Apne
Lost in her own dreams,
Main Uska Drake Woh Meri Kiki
I am her Drake, she is my Kiki,
Mila Jo Break Bana Di Movie
Together, we’ve scripted a blockbuster,
Karma Bheenche Beat Ki Chuchi
Karma cultivates the beat’s essence,
Halki Si Jo Pakdi Baseline
Catching onto the subtle baseline,
Main Bana Einstein Teri Mar Gayi Phuphi
I become Einstein; your aunt passes out.

Rap Kare Kaise Tu Seekh Yeah
How do you learn to rap (yeah),
Main To Karta Hu Music Yeah
I engage in music-making (yeah),
Main Likhta Hu True Shit Yeah
I pen down the truth (yeah),
Main Baithta Ni Waha Jaha You Sit Yeah
I don’t sit where you do (yeah),
Lifestyle Exclusive
An exclusive lifestyle.

Bani Jo Missile Lelo Chehre Pe Smile Lelo
Halki Si Jhai Lekar Hateron Phenyl Lelo
Bhai Aaja Roll Kar Raha Hu Main
Tu Boom Kar Liyo

Raat Bhar Kaam Chale Bhaang Chale
As the night progresses, fueled by enthusiasm,
Bhai Rehte Pahaad Pe Hai
We reside atop mountains,
Mic Pe Dahadte Hai Jaante Hai Naam Chale
Roaring into the mic, our names echo,
King Karma Suna Duo Kaafi Gangster Hai
King Karma, a legendary duo,
Batman Kaali Gaadi Ghume Jaise Panther Hai
Batmobiles cruise like panthers,
Naam Jaise Badshah Hai Bad Boy Kehne Lage
His name rings out like a king’s, deemed a bad boy,
Sheheron Me Fanon Ki Family Ke Jaam Lage
City dwellers revel in our fanfare,
Kam Yahan Jaam Lage Jyada Lage Maal
Lesser parties thrive here, the goods overflow,
Jab Woh Brown Boys Chakhe Use Cadbury Brand Lage
When brown boys indulge, it’s like the Cadbury brand.

Fir Boli Khaate Cheesecake Choosecake
Then she suggested having cheesecake,
Main Bola Kya Choos Ke Cheesecake
I asked, “What to choose from cheesecake?”
Woh Boli Then Jeez Babe Please Wait
She pleaded, “Please wait a moment,”
My Ice Cream Parlour These Days
My ice cream parlour sees foot traffic these days,
Ab Tu Skills Dekh Moves Dekh
Now, watch my skills, observe my moves,
Mukke Muh Pe Tooth Pe
Fists to the face, teeth cracking,
Ye Bande Fake Hai Two Face
These individuals are fake, two-faced,
Mask Hai Muh Pe Bruce Wayne
The masks of Bruce Wayne adorn their faces.

King Wali Bouncy Thi Mere Wali France Se Thi
King’s girl was bouncing curls, while mine hailed from France,
Balcony Pe Kare Woh Gag Woh Naa Saas Leti
She enjoyed gags on the balcony, never catching her breath,
Bhaiyon Ke Saath Free Verse Ke 50 Peti
With the boys, free verses flowed endlessly,
Paisa Laga Haath Par Haath Ki Naa Khaad Miti
Money exchanged hands, but the game never ceased,
Kiya Pyar Saja Laajmi Thi, Gaano Ke Jariye Hai Aap Beeti Le Ss
Love blossomed, adorned by songs, a story unfolds,
Bata Inhe Aage Ki Bro
Tell them what lies ahead, bro.

Soch Ye Bande Ho Gaye Shikshakshok
Imagine these folks playing tic-tac-toe with my bars,
Mere Bars Kare Tictactoe
My horse is automatic, gotta hit that opp,
Ghoda Mera Automatic Gotta Hit That Opp
Monopoly moves, monopoly flow.
Monopoly Moves Monopoly Flow
Think! One day, I’ll say, “Forget this break,
Soch Ek Din Sochu F_ck This Break
In two months, I’ll drop six or seven tracks,
2 Mahine Mein Daal Du Naa Chhesaat Drop
And mistakenly chop off your hype,
Aur Galti Se Kar Du Ye Hype Teri Chopat
Go to sleep, bitch, sweet dreams, fuck off.
Go To Sleep Bi_ch Sweet Dreams F_ck Off

F_ck A Suite Mera Ghar Jaise Mall
F_ck a suite; my home’s like a mall,
Dehradoonon Wali Sardi Mein Se_ Ka Mahaul
Amidst Dehradun’s chilly weather, a se_ually charged atmosphere,
Launde Khalipeeli Ghar Baithe Chod Rahe Makhol
Guys sit idle at home, spewing nonsense,
Pokémon Jaise Bandiyaan Kyu Ghoomri Kasol
Girls wander like Pokémon in Kasol,
Pokémon Jaise Ye They Be Staying In My Balls
Pokémon, staying in my balls,
Pikachu Kill A Chu Rakhu Game Control Mein
Pick-A-Chu, kill the Chu, the game’s under control,

I’ll meet Ash; call it pest control like.
Ash Mein Mila Du Kehlo Pest Control Like

Delhi Wali Meri Kha Rahi Pita
The Delhi girl’s devouring my drink,
Bombay Wali Kare Twerk Kehti Yoga Seekha
The Bombay girl’s twerking, claims she’s learned yoga,
Flex Hi Itna Ki Bandi Mein Se Bala Hata Do
Flexing so much, she’ll relieve herself of burdens,
Bandi Bina Abba Ke Karegi Chiquitita
She’ll go on without her father’s approval,
Some Chicks Some Chicas Some Sweethearts Ayy
Some chicks, some chicas, some sweethearts (ayy),
Soch Bhi Nahi Sakta Tu Things That She Does Ayy
You can’t even fathom the things she does (ayy),
Club Jaye Kab Jaye Floor Do Drinks Baad
She hits the club, two drinks later, hits the floor,
Track Suit Kare Kheechein Lines Adidas
Wearing a tracksuit, she draws lines, Adidas.

Gaande Pack Kari Koi Bola Hi Nahi
Some pack, yet none speaks,
Main To Abhi Kuch Bola Hi Nahi
I’ve yet to utter a word,
Maine Likhi Bas Do Line Hi
I’ve only penned down two lines,
Abhi Bastaa To Khola Hi Nahi
Yet to reveal, it remains sealed,
Kaisa Rap Jab Raula Hi Nahi
What kind of rap is it when there’s no commotion?
Na Baat Karo Golai Ki
Don’t speak in circles,
Mere Bat Pe Hi Ball Aayegi
The ball will come to me on its own accord,
Poora Stadium Pack Koi Doraye Nahi
The entire stadium packed, no one dares leave,
Tekunga Nahi Ghutne Jab Maut Aayegi
I won’t kneel when death comes knocking.

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Goat Shit Music Video

The music video for “Goat Shit” by King and Karma, directed by Mohitfornow, complements the song’s narrative with vibrant visuals and compelling storytelling, enhancing the overall listening experience. The song is a statement of individuality and resilience. Its infectious rhythm, clever wordplay, and bold lyrics inspire listeners to embrace their uniqueness and pursue their dreams with passion and determination.

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