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Godfather from the Punjabi movie ‘Thana Sadar’ featuring Vikramjeet Virk, Kartar Cheema is a captivating song, and it has precious lyrics by Ninja. The spectacular lyrics of the canticle are provided by Gill Raunta. Laddi Gill is the appeaser of GODFATHER’s capital music. The dreamboat music video of the limerick is conducted by Vikram Thori.

Track Title: Godfather
Movie: Thana Sadar
Lead Vocalist: Ninja
Songwriter: Gill Raunta
Instrumentalist: Laddi Gill
Director: Vikram Thori
Actor(s): Kartar Cheema
Language: Punjabi language



Ho Yu Musibat Ke Mare,
Kabhi Hum Na The,

Aise Looser Bechare,
Kabhi Hum Na The,
Ik Toh Jeevan Me Pehle Hi,
Gham Kam Na The,

Inke Aane Se Har Gham,
Double Ho Gaya,

Dheere Dheere Kalai,
Lage Thamne,
Inko Ungli Thamana,
Trouble Ho Gaya,

Aise Besharam Aashiq Hain,
Yeh Aaj Ke,
Inko Apna Banana,
Trouble Ho Gaya Aaha,

Aise Besharam Aashiq Hain,
Ye Aaj Ke,

Thana Sadar Film’s Godfather Music Video | Vikramjeet Virk | Kartar Cheema

Let’s play brand-new music video for Godfather from a dreamboat movie Thana Sadar.

Let’s stream Godfather Song Lyrics that Ninja handsomely sung and are featured in the Thana Sadar film of Kartar Cheema, Vikramjeet Virk . The lyrics writer marked down the Godfather Punjabi lyrics and Vikram Thori controlledthe music video.