Gulabi Akhiyan Lyrics (with English Meaning): LSD 2 | Jubin Nautiyal | Sakshi Holkar

The song “Gulabi Akhiyan Lyrics Meaning” from the movie “LSD 2” is an incredibly romantic track that perfectly captures the joy and excitement of falling in love. Sung by Jubin Nautiyal and Sakshi Holkar, the song boasts deeply moving lyrics by Kumaar and is expertly composed by Meet Bros. The song artfully conveys the protagonist’s journey from loneliness to discovering true love, highlighting the incredible transformative power of love.

Gulabi Akhiyan Lyrics English Translation Lsd 2
Title Gulabi Akhiyan
Movie/Album Lsd 2
Vocalist(s) Jubin Nautiyal, Sakshi Holkar
Lyricist(s) Kumaar
Music Producer(s) Meet Bros
Star Cast Nimrit Ahluwalia

The LSD 2 Hindi movie’s song “Tere Rang Se Ho Gayi Hain, Gulabi Gulabi Akhiyan” expresses gratitude for introducing the protagonist to their beloved and describes the magic of love. The lyrics vividly describe how love has transformed the protagonist’s life, replacing darkness with light and bringing color to their world. The rosy hue in their eyes symbolizes the depth of emotion the protagonist feels. The chorus emphasizes the transformative nature of love, indicating that the presence of their beloved has colored the protagonist’s world.

Lsd 2 Movie’s Gulabi Akhiyan Lyrics (with English Meaning)

Shukar Tera Yar Nu Milaya!
I am grateful to you for introducing me to my beloved.
Honthon Se Na Ho Gayi, Aankhon Se Han Ho Gayi
My eyes conveyed what words couldn’t express, through a silent ‘yes’.
Ruka Hua Koyi Jadu Chal Gaya
A magic spell that was cast, has worked its way into my life.

Neendein Riha Ho Gayi, Tujhse Subah Ho Gayi
I have been released from a slumber, and a new dawn has emerged with you.
Khwabon Mein Jo Tha Andhera Dhal Gaya
The darkness that once enveloped my dreams, has faded away.

Tere Rang Se Ho Gayi Hain
Infused with your presence…
Tere Rang Se Ho Gayi Hain, Gulabi Gulabi Ankhiyan
My eyes have become rosy, as if infused with your presence.
Ho Tere Rang Se Ho Gayi Hain, Gulabi Gulabi Akhiyan
My eyes have turned rosy, as if infused with your presence.

Ankhiyan Ro Rahi Hain, Jage Na Ye So Rahi Hain
Mujhko Satati Ratiyan Haye

My eyes, rosy and weeping, are awake yet slumbering. Oh, the nights that torment me!
Ho Tere Rang Se Ho Gayi Hain Gulabi Gulabi Akhiyan
My eyes are painted in your hues, pink and rosy.

Sajna Re!
Oh, my beloved!
Taron Pe Jo Likha Aankhon Ne Padh Liya
My dearest, I have decoded what the stars had written.
Hoon Main Chand Tera Aur Tu Hai Meri Chandni
I am like the moon to you, and you are the light that brightens me up.
Kismat Ko Toone Chhua Toh Main Hoon Badla Hua
Since you have affected my fate, I have changed completely.
Badli Badli Si Hai Ab Duniya Meri
My world has been transformed, filled with the intensity of love.

Ishq-E-Junoon Mil Gaya, Dil Ko Sukoon Mil Gaya
Passion and commitment have come; my heart has found peace.
Tu Pani Tere Sang Main Beh Gaya
You are akin to water, and I am flowing beside you.

Tere Rang Se Ho Gayi Hain
Infused with your colors…
Tere Rang Se Ho Gayi Hain, Gulabi Gulabi Ankhiyan
Infused with your colors, my eyes appear rosy.
Ho Tere Rang Se Ho Gayi Hain Gulabi Gulabi Akhiyan
Infused with your hues, my eyes appear rosy.

Ankhiyan Ro Rahi Hain, Jage Na Yeh So Rahi Hain
Weeping, my eyes remain open yet drowsy,
Mujhko Satati Ratiyan Haye
Tormented by the sleepless nights,
Ho Tere Rang Se Ho Gayi Hain, Gulabi Gulabi Ankhiyan
“When I look at you, my eyes seem to have a rosy tint because I see your beautiful colors shining through.”

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