Hai Jamalo Lyrics (with English Translation) – Munjya | Nakash Aziz

“Hai Jamalo Lyrics Translation” is an energetic track sung by Nakash Aziz and featured in the movie Munjya. The song, written by Amitabh Bhattacharya and produced by Sachin-Jigar and Skeletron, celebrates life’s fleeting moments. The song’s vibrant beats and catchy chorus gained popularity for its infectious energy and relatable lyrics.

Hai Jamalo Lyrics English Translation Munjya
Title Hai Jamalo
Movie/Album Munjya
Vocalist(s) Nakash Aziz
Lyricist(s) Amitabh Bhattacharya
Music Producer(s) Sachin-jigar, Skeletron
Star Cast Sharvari, Abhay Verma

The lyrics of “Hai Jamalo” explore love, urgency, and seizing opportunities. Amitabh Bhattacharya’s words playfully yet poignantly remind listeners of the perils of hesitation. The translated song humorously addresses everyday anxieties of love and missed chances, urging people to act before it’s too late. Musically, “Hai Jamalo” stands out with its upbeat tempo and fusion of traditional and contemporary elements, driven by Nakash Aziz’s energetic vocals.

Munjya Movie’s Hai Jamalo Lyrics (with English Translation)

Agar Magar Karte Kahin Umar Na Dhal Jaye
If we continue to use the phrase like “if and but”, our lives might pass us by.
Bagal Wali Chhokri Bagal Se Hi Nikal Jaye
The girl next door might just slip away.
Tujhse Pehle Urad Kisi Aur Ki Hi Gal Jaye
Before you can confess your love, someone else might steal her away.
Mom Batti Jale Bina Mom Hi Na Pighal Jaye
A candle might burn out without melting its wax.

Suno Suno Duniya Walon,
People of the world, pay attention,
Haseenon Se Dil Laga Lo
Fall in love with the beauties.
Dil Laga Ke Ghar Basa Lo
Settle down and make a home.

Hai Jamalo Hai Jamalo
Hai Jamalo Hai Jamalo

Hey, let’s celebrate!
The phrase “Hai Jamalo” or “Haye Jamalo” is a repeated line in a well-known Punjabi/Sindhi folk song. It doesn’t have a direct English translation but expresses excitement, joy, or celebration.

Akeli Milti Nahi Woh Kaye Ko
Why is she never by herself when we meet?
Sang Mein Leke Aati Bhai Ko
She is always accompanied by her brother.

Tu Use Katega Ya Kha Jayega
Will you chase her or devour her?
Tu Na To Stalker Na Koyi Psycho
You’re not a stalker or a psycho.

Yahi Sharafat Pagle Tujhko Mehangi Na Pad Jaye
But be careful, my friend, don’t let it cost you dearly.
Aisa Na Ho Kahin Uski Patang Aur Kahin Lad Jaye
Don’t let her kite fly away, and get tangled somewhere else.

Garma Garam Sapno Pe, Koyi Baraf Ragad Jaye
Don’t let someone rub the ice on your warm, beautiful dreams.
Hal Chalane Se Pehle Hi Teri Sari Fasal Ujad Jaye
Before you even start working, your entire crop might be ruined.
Hai Jamalo Hai Jamalo
Hey, let’s celebrate!

Suno Suno Duniya Walon
Listen, people of the world,
Haseenon Se Dil Laga Lo,
Fall in love with the beautiful ones.
Dil Laga Ke Ghar Basa Lo
Discover love and establish a place to call home for yourself.
Hai Jamalo Hai Jamalo
Hey, let’s celebrate!

Hai Jamalo Music Video

The music video for “Hai Jamalo” by Nakash Aziz, featuring Sharvari and Abhay Verma, visually amplifies the song’s joyous message. The vibrant cinematography and engaging choreography bring the music to life, making it a musical experience and a visual feast. The interplay between the characters and the festive settings in the video underscores the song’s themes of love, action, and celebration, adding another layer of enjoyment for the audience.

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