Hanju Digde – A Kay

Hanju Digde (with Western Penduz) - A-Kay (1)Singer: A Kay
Album: Hanju Digde (with Western Penduz)
Music: Western Penduz
Lyrics: Jassi Lohka
Label: S Records & Times Music

HANJU DIGDE LYRICS with ENGLISH TRANSLATION is here with impressive music direction of Western Penduz and loving vocals of A Kay. Jassi Lohka is songwriter of this Punjabi song and Sunny Dhinsey (Filmlore) is director of new music film “Hanju Digde” featuring A Kay and Saanvi Dhiman.


Hanju digde,


Hanju dig de steering te aaye
Main jadon tere shehron mudeya -x2,


Shehron mudeya..

My tears kept dropping on the steering wheel
While I was driving back from your city.

Saare akhde ne bhul gayi tu mainu
Meri naiyo rooh manndi
Bheed duniya di lagdi na changi
Jihde ch na tu labdi,

Everybody says that you have forgotten me
But my inner-self doesn’t agree to it
I don’t like to see people around
While you’re not there either.

Yaad teri mere dil nu ruwaave -x2,
Kyun na tera pyar judeya.

Your memories make my heart cry,
Thinking why couldn’t I have your love ?


Hanju dig de,


Hanju dig de steering te aaye
Main jadon tere sheharon murheya -x2,


Shehron murheya.. Hanju diggde.


Mere gal wich goriyan si bahan
Jithe milde si appan oh thaawan -x2,

When I had yours arms around my neck,
The places where we used to meet-up,


Puch pal-pal kiddan main langhawa
Waat mukdi na mukda main jawa,

How shall I spend every moment thinking about all of that
It seems like my life is passing instead of the time.


Haak maar mainu picho tu bulaave -x2,
Main paani wangu jawa rudeya.


I feel like you call me from behind
And I just quickly run towards you like waters flowing.

Hanjoo dig de steering te aaye
Main jadon tere shehron mudeya -x2,


Shehron mudeya..


Hasde hasaunde mukh utte shaayi chup hai
Dil utte munda laayi baitha tera dukh hai -x2,

The cheerful face has been silent now,
The boy has taken this on his heart,


Bhawein kartiyan photo-an crop tu -x2,
Dil-dil naal judeya..

Even you have croppped the pictures we took together,
Our hearts are still together.