Heer Badnaam Lyrics (with Translation) – Zero | Katrina Kaif

HEER BADNAAM – ZERO Katrina KaifHeer Badnaam Lyrics featuring Katrina Kaif – The latest movie Zero features this song. With translation in English song “Heer Badnam Karti” verses are written by Kumaar. Tanishk Bagchi is composer of music and the playback vocals are lent by Romy. Find out the meaning of Hindi song lyrics.


O ranjhe tera ishq hai farzi
Your love isn’t true, beloved.
Ki vekhi teri main taa khudgarzi
 Now I know how selfish you are.
Tu har din heer badalda ae
You change girlfriends everyday.
Teri bewafaai wali daru mainu chadh gayi,
Your betrayal hot to me.

Oh ranjhe jaake das de tu rabb nu
Oh beloved, You better go tell God.
Ki main taan aaj thug lena sab nu
That I am going to dupe peope today
Ki haiga ilzaam tere te, sun le tu aake,
And you’re to be blamed for it. You better get this straight.

Heer badnaam karti, naam karti
You have defamed the heer (the girl), defamed her,
Tu jhuthiyan mohabbatan paake.
With your fake love.

Tu neeyat da khota ranjhe, waade tere fraud ve
Oh ranjha, your intentions are disloyal and promises are false,
Main vi aadhi jhuthi karni, kehndi aan by god ve,
I also don’t love you truly, by-god, I tell you.

Main tere piche hun naiyo rona
I don’t want to cry for you anymore,
Ishaq vich baaghi hona,
I want to be a rebel in love,
Ki hega ilzaam tere te, sun le tu aake,
What is the blame on you? Come and hear it.

Heer badnaam karti, naam karti,
Tu jhoothiyan mohabbatan paake,
You denigrate the heer with your unreal love.