Hennu Hadeyalu Beda Lyrics — Banaras | Harshika Devanath

“Hennu Hadeyalu Beda” is a Kannada song that showcases the artistic brilliance of Harshika Devanath as a singer. With lyrics written by Janapada and composed by B. Ajaneeshloknath, this song weaves together a unique blend of emotions and thought-provoking messages.

hennu hadeyalu beda lyrics kannada

The lyrics of “Hennu Hadeyalu Beda” delve into the complexities of gender and society. It challenges societal norms and raises important questions about the roles assigned to women. Janapada’s thought-provoking words paint a vivid picture of the struggles faced by females and the expectations imposed upon them. The composition by B. Ajaneeshloknath adds depth and resonance to the lyrics, enhancing the song’s overall impact.

“Hennu Hadeyalu Beda” is a powerful song that challenges societal norms and encourages introspection. It is a testament to Harshika Devanath’s incredible talent as a singer and the artistic vision of the lyricist Janapada and composer B. Ajaneeshloknath. The movie “Banaras” provides the perfect platform for this song to be experienced in its full context, resonating with the audience on a deeper level.


Sagamapa Padamaparirimaga Sagamada Aa
Hennu Hadeyalu Byada Heravarige Kodabyada
Henhoguvaga Alabyada Henhoguvaga Alabyada
Hadedava Sittagi Sivana Baibyada

Byasagi Divasake Bevina Mara Tampu Aa Aa
Byasagi Divasake Bevina Mara Tampu
Bhimarati Emba Hole Tampu
Bhimarati Emba Hole Tampu
Hadedava Ni Tampu Nanna Manadage

Sagamapa Padamaparirimaga Sagamada Aa
Hennagi Huttokinta Mannagi Huttidare
Mannina Myalondu Maravagi
Mannina Myalondu Maravagi Huttidare Punyavantarige Neralagi

Kasige Hogoke Esandu Dinabeku
Tasottina Hadi Tavaruru Tasottina Hadi Tavaruru
Maneyage Kadu Kuntale Hadedava
Jagakkella Avale Paradaiva
Aa A Aa O O Oa Aa A Dhiranana

Banaras Film’s Hennu Hadeyalu Beda Music Video | Sonal Monteiro | Zaid Khan

In the movie “Banaras,” directed by Jayathirtha, the song “Hennu Hadeyalu Beda” finds its rightful place, enriching the narrative and profoundly engaging the audience. The performances by Zaid Khan and Sonal Monteiro add depth and authenticity to the story, giving life to the lyrics through their on-screen presence.

The music video directed by Jayathirtha complements the song by visually capturing the essence of the lyrics. It presents a thought-provoking visual narrative that further enhances the impact of the song’s message.

Hennu Hadeyalu Beda Song Details
Song Hennu Hadeyalu Beda
Movie Banaras
Lead Singer Harshika Devanath
Lyric Poet Janapada
Music Composer B. Ajaneeshloknath
Playactor Zaid Khan, Sonal Monteiro