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The song “Hind Ke Sitara Lyrics Meaning” by Manoj Tiwari, featured in the popular series “Panchayat S3,” is a Hindi song with lyrics by Gayatri Thakur Vyas and produced by Anurag Saikia. It reflects the aspirations and pride of a family envisioning a bright future for their child. Directed by Deepak Kumar Mishra, the music video stars Jitendra Kumar and captures the essence of rural dreams and ambitions. This track beautifully integrates cultural pride with a modern narrative, resonating deeply with its audience. The song’s title translates to “Star of India,” and it is known for combining traditional values with a contemporary story.

Hind Ke Sitara Lyrics English Meaning Panchayat S3
Title Hind Ke Sitara
Movie/Album Panchayat S3
Vocalist(s) Manoj Tiwari
Lyricist(s) Gayatri Thakur Vyas
Music Producer(s) Anurag Saikia
Star Cast Jitendra Kumar

The lyrics of “Hind Ke Sitara” are filled with hope and aspirations, portraying a family’s dreams for their child’s future with admiration and high expectations. The song outlines an ambitious path, envisioning roles like GM, District Magistrate, Chief Minister, Prime Minister, and Vice-Chancellor, symbolizing the highest achievement and societal contribution. Musically, “Hind Ke Sitara” combines traditional and contemporary elements to create a harmonious and uplifting soundscape. The composition by Anurag Saikia perfectly complements the hopeful and inspirational lyrics with vibrant instrumentation and rhythmic patterns.

Panchayat S3 Movie’s Hind Ke Sitara Lyrics English (Meaning)

Har Aisan Manohar Mangal
Every moment is auspicious.
Murat Suhavan Sundar Surat Ho
Your form is charming and beautiful.
Aye Raja Ji Ae Raja Ji
Oh, dear prince, oh, dear prince
Ae Raja Ji Ae Kare Ta Rahalba Zarurat
Oh, dear prince, there is a need for you to stay.
Mahurat Khoobsurat Ho
The time is perfect.

Are Humara Janata Babua GM Hoi Hey
Oh, our beloved child, you are GM.
Na Na Na Na Na Na Lalna DM Hoi Hey
You are District magistrate.

Aye Lalna Aa Lalna
Oh, dear child, oh, dear child
Aye Lalna Hind Ke Sitara
Oh, dear child, star of India
Ee Ta CM Hoihe
You’ll be the Chief Minister.
Ohse Upar Pm Hoihe Ho
And then you will be the prime minister.

Are Hoihe Vice Chancellor
You will be the vice-chancellor.
University Ke Mayor London City Ke Nu Ho
The Mayor of the University, and the new London City leader
Aye Lalna,
Oh, dear child

Aye Lalna Aye Lalna Home Secretory
Oh, dear child, oh, dear child, Home Secretary
Government Ke Ta Heera, Apna Mitti Ke Nu Ho
A jewel of the government, you are the pride of our land.

Are Babua Hamaar Maharaj Hoihe
Our child will be the Emperor.
Rajadhiraj Hoihe Ho
He will be the King of Kings.

Aye Lalna Aye Lalna Dhaatu Mein Heera
Oh, my dear child, a diamond among metals!
Pukhraaj Hoihe
You will be a ruby.
Sirva Ke Taaj Hoihe Ho
You will be the world’s crown jewel.

Muni Baba Aisa Babu Gyani Hoihe
Our child will be wise, says the saintly father.
Raja Jaisa Daani Hoihe Ho
He will be a giver, just like a king.
Aye Lalna Hey Lalna
Oh, dear child, oh, dear child

Hey Lalna Aakhi La Bhumandal Rajdhani Hoihe
Oh, dear child, the whole world will be your kingdom.
Ta Preyash Khandani Hoihe Ho
The family will love you.

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Hind Ke Sitara Full Song

Hind Ke Sitara Music Video

The music video for “Hind Ke Sitara” enhances the song’s impact with visuals depicting family gatherings, celebrations, and moments of affection, adding a layer of visual storytelling to the lyrical narrative. Jitendra Kumar’s performance in the video brings the lyrics to life, showcasing the joy and pride of a family envisioning a bright future for their beloved child. The song’s powerful lyrics, engaging music, and compelling visuals make it a standout track that speaks to the next generation’s universal desire for success and happiness. It encourages listeners to cherish their roots while striving for excellence, reflecting the hopes and dreams of families everywhere.

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